Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Stories From the Tarot

Sometimes the traditional meaning of a particular card of the tarot is not at all the message Spirit sends when giving a particular card for a message.

At some point I have realized that the Guide, who I believe is the Goddess Isis, who gives me messages through my cards, has a sense of humor.

I have the habit of carrying my cards around with me. I carry them in my purse, and sometimes the cards are not contained in any kind of pouch, but are free to connect with the energy of my other belongings. I feel that this gives the cards a chance to really connect with my energy. This being said, if the cards want to give me a message, one of the cards would invariably fall out of my purse or someway make itself known to me.

One day I was at my husband's store, decorating for fall. I was standing up on a stool, putting some decorations on top of a refrigerator, when an old friend came up behind me and we talked for a bit. Later, I went into the room where my purse was, an one of my cards had fallen out of my purse. This is the card that fell out.

I just had to chuckle and say.. "ha ha... very funny."

A couple of days ago we had a water leak in our house and were forced to shut our water off until we could get it fixed. My husband discovered the leak when he had gotten up in the middle of the night and heard water running inside the walls of our bathroom. That morning when I was getting ready for work, I drew a card, as is my custom, and this is the card I drew...

Once again, I said.. "very funny..." However, the meaning of this card is that everything is going to be okay, but not today. It is a card of hope for the future. The plumber could not come fix our plumbing that day, but the next. So my first thought when I drew the card was that our water would not be fixed that day, but when it did get fixed, it would not be a serious problem. This turned out to be the case. We had envisioned a very costly and time consuming ordeal, but the problem was easily fixed, without tearing holes in the walls or costly repairs. We did, however, have to live without running water for two days. So the card was accurate, but also funny. The card shows a person pouring water out of a container, and it is the middle of the night. We discovered our water leak in the middle of the night, and were forced to use water out of jugs for two days. The water problem did not get fixed that day, but it turned out okay.

I wanted to share these two stories with those of you who are intrigued by the cards and perhaps think that they always give spiritual insight and maybe miss the practical aspects of the cards. Sometimes they just tell you simple things that you already know. In the first example, yes, I knew I was standing on a stool talking to a friend. It was just fun when that card fell out of my purse. In the second example, I knew my husband had discovered a leak in the middle of the night. The card, however told me, not to fret, that it would not get fixed today, but it would be all right when it did finally get fixed.

I encourage you if you are learning the tarot, to establish a relationship with your cards. Draw a card often. Carry them around with you so that your cards are filled with your energy. Take the messages lightly. Laugh.

Messages from Spirit come in all forms. You do not have to use the tarot to get messages from Spirit. But the cards are a fun and time established way of getting guidance from Spirit. No they are not evil. ( I really don't understand how people can think this. I imagine it is just an old fear based upon the fear based religions who control people through making them afraid of things they do not understand.)

The tarot is just symbolism. Just for today, ask Spirit for a sign. It does not have to be based upon the tarot. Ask a question and then look around you for the answer. You will be surprised how Spirit answers.

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  1. Hey Joy, I love those two stories! thank you and thanks to your Guides!
    I too find high vibrational guides are often funny and super practical!

    Lots of love,