Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sending Love

Many of you know that my "other" job is that of a Post Office employee. I have worked at the Post Office for 25 years. This year I was blessed to enter "semi-retirement" when I accepted a part time position to give me more time to perform weddings, teach classes, and do my healing work.

Many years ago when I found myself working nights and spending eight hours a night doing nothing but sorting mail, I went through a time when I wondered what good I was doing in the world. I worked nights, I slept during the day. When I awoke, I had a child to tend to, housework, my church activities, and other family obligations. There was a time when I considered those eight hours I spent sorting mail at the bottom of my list of life enhancing activities. I have always known that I had some purpose in life, that I didn't just choose to be born to sort mail, clean house, and mow grass. It was during that time when I thought of this activity.

I would consciously send love into the letters and packages that touched my hands. I would (and still do) send love to every person who would handle the letter or package. I would send love to every letter or package that touched the piece of mail I was holding. I would send love to the sender and to the receiver of the piece of mail.

Recently I have taken up the practice of sending love along with the marriage licenses that I mail to the courthouses to whom they need to be mailed back to. I remembered my previous practice of also including love rubbing off on every other letter that my letter touched.

Recently when emailing a wedding client it occurred to me that just like the letter containing the marriage license rubbed off on many letters while traveling to its destination, so in the same way, when a couple marries, their love also has the potential of "rubbing off" on every one with whom they come into contact. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious!!

Remember that the emotions that you "put out" are also contagious! Are you sending out contagious emotions of love, excitement, enthusiasm, or something entirely different?  If you do a self inventory and find yourself lacking, it is an easy fix!! Just change the "germs" you are emitting!!  If you are sending out bitterness, anger, fear, remorse, guilt, or anger, STOP!!

Saying a mantra is something that always helps me. If I am afraid, and I recognize the emotion, (we are so conditioned to feel negative emotions we don't always remember that we are feeling them. They are so programmed into our psyche that they seem normal.) then I just change my mind. I say, out loud or to myself, "I am perfectly safe." A good mantra is one that is the opposite of the negative emotion you are feeling but contains no negative connotations. In other words, I don't say, "I am not afraid." The "not" is still a negative. Instead, "I am safe" contains only positive emotions.

Also remember that you can have an affect on your world no matter what your job in life. If you clean toilets for a living, you can say, " I am ridding the world of what is no longer necessary in life." If you dig ditches you can say, "I am the creator of new territories."  Realize that every job has value and contributes to the betterment of society, if you choose to allow it to.

Always think and believe that wonderful things are about to happen and they will!! Rub off on your world, and do it well!

What are you rubbing off on those around you?


  1. What a beautiful way to contribute to the world. I love that you created a greater purpose for your self in that role.
    This has really inspired me and filled my heart so much (Did you infuse this blog post with love......I think you did hehehe!)
    THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful love energy

    1. Thanks so much, Property Girl!! Yes I always infuse my blogs with love. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. Thank you Joy! I really needed to hear this. So much turmoil in my life right now is having negative affects on my physical, mental and emotional health... Jenn

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the blog, Jenn. It is so easy to forget why we are here and how much affect we have on our world. I will be sending you love as you work through the turmoil.

  3. What a great post! I love it Joy...and I love that you blessed and sent love through the mail - imagine if every postal worker did that?! xx