Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eight of Cups

So here it is again today a message from the tarot. I am not sure if this is going to be an every day thing or not, but I am just going to go with it for now.

In August I am teaching a class on the tarot so maybe Spirit is indicating that we need a few weeks of getting to know the cards before the class.

 This morning I drew my card, the eight of cups. This appears at first glance that it is not a wonderful card to get, as you can see from the photo.

In this picture it is nightime. A man has his back turned on eight cups and is walking away from them into a scenery that is full of water and rocks. It appears that his future is before him and it is not daytime so the night signifies that it could be a difficult time for him. He is leaving behind all that he has accumulated in search of something new and unknown.

Traditionally this is a card that signifies the end of a relationship. The relationship depends on the querent and what he or she is inquiring about. Sometimes it signifies a dark night of the soul. All that a person has accumulated is in question. The person is turning his back on his bright shiny cups, which could represent all that has had value in his life.

So when I pulled this card this morning, naturally I was a bit unnerved. No one likes to be told that something is about to end or that there is going to be a scenario like the one in the photo. But all is not as it appears!

Eights in numerology do not normally represent something difficult! However it appears in the card that there is a rough road ahead.

I inquired of Spirit as to the meaning of the card, and immediately I got this suggestion from Spirit:

Joy, in order to manifest something new in  your life, you have to walk away from  something old.

What is it you would like to walk away from?

Oh, how about doubt! How about fear! How about lack!  How about anger, irritation, or any multitude of other "lower" level emotions!

Lately I have had the opportunity to assist my clients in raising their energy level. In order to do that you have to leave behind those lower level emotions!! If you want to feel joy, you have to turn your back on sadness. If you want to feel abundant, you must turn your back on the feeling of lack! If you want to feel love, you must decide to turn your back on anger, hate, fear, and all other emotions that make you feel less than love.

It is amazing how attached we get to those old yukky feelings!! 

One meditation I like to do with my clients is what I like to call the "elevator" meditation. In this meditation, you stand before an elevator. You look above the elevator which indicates what floor you are on. Spirit will show you the floor that is appropriate to the place you are in your life.  Then you get on the elevator. Push the button to go up. Go up one floor. Don't try to take the elevator all the way to the top just yet. One floor at a time. Stop on the next floor. Open the door. Notice what you see. This can be a message from Spirit as to what is about to occur next in your life or possibly what is available to you if you will just move your energy up one level.

Guess what! You have to leave all the old stuff on the lower floor!

I know. That part is difficult. What is it that is causing you grief, or pain, or anger? Leave it on the lower floor. See that elevator going back down and carrying all of those old emotions with it! And you remain on that next higher floor.

Who knows what new adventures await you! Get off that elevator at that next floor up and start to live your life at that higher level.

You can repeat this meditation as often as necessary until your energy is at a new level. Soon you will notice the sun is beginning to shine again. You don't even miss those old cups!

Is there something you need to leave behind to embark upon a new adventure? Spirit is saying today is the day!

If you are interested in assistance as you embark upon your next great adventure, you can contact me through my website. Or if you live nearby, I offer classes and a weekly meditation at my home here in Winchester. The best is yet to come!!



  1. you have no idea how perfect this post is...the timing is impeccable. ♥