Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day

Tomorrow is Independence Day, a day where here in the United States we celebrate when we as a nation declared our independence from England.

On a spiritual level, it is a great day to think about what things in your life you are ready to release or declare your independence from. The new moon happens to be coming up on Monday in Cancer, which highlights emotions, moods, and family concerns. If there are some issues in your life which have you emotionally wound up, this is a great time to think about declaring your independence from those things! It could be worries, concerns, unhealthy relationships, soul ties, or a number of other issues.

One of those maybe well known or not so well known rules of ritual is that if you are doing ritual to either create or release something, do it three times before the new or full moon, depending on what you want to create or release. The moon now is waning up until Monday, so it is a great time to be thinking about releasing what is no longer serving you. Is there a relationship that is toxic to you? Maybe it is time to do a ritual to release it from your experience.

Cancer is a water sign, so try to include water in your ritual. One suggestion I would offer is that you could get a bowl of water, and one of those floating candles. Write down what you would like to release on a small piece of paper, and then burn it up in the floating candle. An acquaintance of mine is going to release a memento of a relationship that has ended into the river. This is also an option.

Here are some suggestions of releasing and/or independence statements that you could incorporate into your ritual. Normally I tell people to turn their statements into positive statements of intent so that you declare what you want rather than what you don't want. However, with the new moon energies here to help us with releasing things that are holding on to our energies, I think it is okay to declare releasing statements or to do visualizations of being released from energies that are toxic.

I declare my independence from negative relationships.
I release negative relationships. ( you can insert someone's name in here if there is a particular person who is toxic to you.)

If you are releasing a particular person out of your life, send their energy away with love. Thank them for the lessons you learned and the good that came out of the relationship. 

I release fear (or anger, or anxiety, or depression, or sadness, or loneliness. You insert the emotion you are releasing.)

With the moon in Cancer, try to focus on the energies of emotions and relationships at this time.

There will be plenty of time to deal with other issues at other times. We all have layers of toxic emotions that we are so much better off without!!

Declare your independence from all those yukky emotions that keep you tied up in knots!!

Find a symbol of what you are releasing and release it from your life using water as a catalyst. Use the suggestions listed here or find your own releasing ritual. Remember that it is not the power of the moon or the power of the water that is important here. It is the power of your intention!

Once you have declared your independence from those people or emotions that are keeping you in emotional bondage, look with expectation and anticipation of a life free of the bonds of emotional slavery! If you are still in bondage in your mind, doing a ritual will not help you! It is so important to see yourself free!! See yourself happy, productive, full of joy and enjoying healthy emotions and healthy relationships. Visualize yourself being in relationships where you are treated with love and respect. More important, love and respect yourself! If you are allowing yourself to be treated badly, this means that somewhere inside yourself you are thinking that this is all that is available to you. If you are wallowing in self pity, anger, fear, or other toxic emotions, then from inside yourself you have told yourself that there are no other options.

Today take a step to be free. Talk to someone. Take a walk ( physical activity is known to raise your level of happiness.) Imagine yourself free!! This is Independence Day!!

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  1. Today is a day like any other where I live (Ireland), but release is always a good thing, especially during the Waning Moon so count me in! :-) I'm releasing clutter this moon, physical clutter from my house and emotional clutter like residual sadness from my soul. It feels marvellous!
    Btw, you're featured in my blog this week xx