Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Energy Since the Solstice

At first I thought it was just me. The morning after the solstice I woke up feeling giggly inside.

The day before during my monthly spiritual growth class at my home here in Winchester, Virginia, my class participants and I had taken part in a solstice ritual to attract the energies of the solstice and to manifest new things in our lives. I was thinking I was still feeling the effects of the ritual.


 I had recently done a card reading for myself using the Cards of Destiny technique. This is a system that uses regular playing cards to predict what energies you will be in line with. The cards change every fifty two days and my card had just changed on the 21st. According to this system, my energy was due to improve, along with my creative sparks and other things. So when I woke up happy and energized, I was sure it was due to the shift in my 52 day cycle.

Then I started to notice that some of my "sensitive" friends and acquaintances were noticing the same thing. I began to realize that in reality something major shifted. I am not sure how long it will last and if it is indeed affecting everyone.

In my meditations the other day I even received a new Power Animal. A white female deer. I have always thought of deer energy as being delicate and soft so I was a bit surprised when she showed up.  However, she showed me many aspects of her energy with which I had not been previously aware and I am excited to have been blessed with her presence.

The new energies have definately made themselves known.

Have you been feeling ecstatic for no apparent reason? Wonderful!! Take advantage of these days of manifesting, creative energies.

 My suggestion to you is this:

Do something out of the ordinary!!

Be creative!

Dance, sing, write, laugh a lot, enjoy times with those you love!!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the business of life that we forget how amazing our lives really are!!

You are an amazing soul and life is waiting just for you to enjoy it!!

 If you have not noticed the new energy shift, I suggest to you that it is time to look outside of the circumstances you are in or the challenges you are facing and know that miracles are waiting for you! Life is waiting for you to celebrate!!

If you have to, write down or record some positive affirmations to remind you to think of possibilities, not challenges. Look for the silver lining, not the clouds. Enjoy waking up, breathing, the ability to love and breathe and enjoy all that life has for you!!

Thank your Higher Powers, Angels, Guides, Power Animals, whatever you want to call your Source, for the ability to enjoy your life and walk on the path you have chosen for yourself. If you don't like the path you are on, then find one you do enjoy!

 It is time to celebrate being alive!!

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  1. Hey Joy,

    I am so glad that you offered this .... I have been having that feeling also and it is almost like 'bliss'. Heaven knows that we have enough going on to dampen the feeling but it persists!!!

    Thank you,