Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Grandmothers

Sometime in the past I have written about my experience with the Grandmothers, a circle of five Native American Spirit Helpers who come to me appearing as wise older women. Recently I was channeling for a client, and the Grandmothers wanted to make contact with her. It was an amazing experience, and I thought that I would share, with the client's permission, some of the wisdom that came forth from this group of Spirit Helpers affectionately called the Grandmothers.

I led my client into a "journey" to the Grandmothers, and invited her to see herself in their presence. I told her to familiarize herself with their appearance, and the details surrounding them. When connecting with Spirit, everything has a meaning. I told her that the Grandmothers would present her with a gift. I asked her to describe the gift each of them gave her. She was given five gifts, from each of the grandmothers. The first gave her a feather, the second a rock, the third gave her sand, the fourth gave her sinew, and the fifth gave her the heart of a small animal.

The grandmothers told me to tell my client that each of these gifts had a meaning. The feather was a message that the Angels were around her, as well as to tell her to take things lightly (light as a feather). The rock told her to stay grounded on the earth, and to remember that everything has spirit, including the rocks. The sand was a message to remember not to hold on too tightly to anything. Just as you cannot hold sand in your hands if you squeeze too tightly, the sand was a message to hold on to life with a loose grip, and remember that there is nothing permanent. Everything is like sand in our hands, here for awhile, but soon it has run through our fingers. The sinew was a message that she would be like a seamstress in the spirit, sewing here a little and there a little, and that the weaving of her life was her own creation. She was the one who gets to decide what pieces to sew together that form the tapestry of her life. And the heart of the animal was a message that everything comes with a price. Just as an animal had to give its life in order to be a gift to her from the Grandmothers, so never think that anything in life is free. Everything you are given has a cost. It may or may not be money, but when something or someone gives you their heart, or you give them theirs, that gift has a cost. Nothing you ever get in life that is worth anything will come to you without some sort of energy exchange.

We can take wisdom from this communication with the Spirits of the Grandmothers.

When we are feeling weighed down by the responsibilities of life we can remember to take life like a feather, and "lighten up."

When we are feeling superior to the other life on the planet we can remember that even the rocks have spirit, and that in the spirit we are all equal.

When we are feeling disconnected from life, we can connect with nature, sit on a rock, and come back to the earth, grounding ourselves in our life here on earth.

When we are faced with life changes, we can remember that all of our life is like sand in our hands, and be grateful for the times we have together, for soon they will pass.

When we are tempted to blame our circumstances, our past, our jobs, our government for the situations we find ourselves in, we can remember that we are the  weavers of our own lives. We may  not always choose every patch that we sew into our lives, but we can make a beautiful tapestry despite the challenges.

When we are tempted to take life for granted, we can remember that the life we are given has cost someone something. Our ancestors gave their lives so that we could have the life we now live. Our loved ones have given us their hearts, that gift has cost them something. We should not take that for granted. We should be willing to give and receive and remember that anything that is valuable has cost someone something.

Thanks to the Grandmothers for this timeless wisdom. Thanks to my client for allowing me to share. Blessings to all as we each travel our own paths and find our own way.

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