Saturday, May 18, 2013


I was given a dream last night that I knew was significant in some way because upon awakening I remembered every detail. Most of the time when I dream I wake up and within minutes the dream is gone. I have asked the Angels and Guides to help me remember more of the significant things that happen when I sleep because sometimes I feel like I do as much spiritual work in my sleep as I do in my waking times. And who is to say which of the worlds are real? Maybe my sleeping self is my real self and my waking self is the dream!

In the dream I was at work at the Post Office when a man came up to me and asked about a former coworker and friend who had in years past moved out of the state. I told him where she had moved and then I seemed to be transported telepathically to the place where she had moved. In the dream she was working in a quaint old building which had been turned into a restaurant or bed and breakfast of some kind. He had come to see her and she was happy to see him. They exchanged pleasantries and then he was gone. She came to my telepathic self that was watching the scene and thanked me for reconnecting them. Then the dream was over.

My reason for sharing is that I wanted to share some secrets about dreams.

First of all, when you have a dream about someone, it doesn't always mean the dream is about the person in the dream. Usually the dream is about you. However, there are some ways to detect that this dream was not just about me.  I was just the person connecting two people to one another. I was the link. (this is frequently my role in my practice). I could interpret this dream to say that one of my roles in life is to connect people to one another. When I read a client's energy, I often am asked to link to another person and tell them about their relationship. In the dream, this is what I was doing. So in  a sense, this dream could have been telling me that one of my purposes in life is to link people to one another, or to a guide, which is one of the interpretations I received on the identity of the man in the dream. I also connect people to their guides, and this could have been a guide who wished to connect to this individual.

Another thing to remember is that details are important. If this dream was meant for this individual, then all the details of the dream will enable her to connect the dots and figure out who the person is who is attempting to connect to her. I told her when telling her about the dream that this could be a number of people. This could be a person whose soul is attempting to connect to her. This could be a guide. It could also be someone who has passed who is using me as a link just to say hi. The details of the dream are important clues as to who this person is and how they are connected.

Another reason for me sharing this dream is the notion of piggy back messages. I wrote a blog on this in the past but I have experienced receiving a message for one individual and another individual saying to me.. that is my message!!  I have also been the recipient of messages directed at other people but I knew in my heart the message was for me. So I share this in the hopes that maybe someone else will resonate with the details of the dream and recognize the scenario and say, hey, that is me and I know who is trying to connect! If you feel in your heart you recognize the scenario and you feel like someone may be trying to connect to you, then they probably are!!

The message of today's blog is that we are all connected. I may get a dream or a message and I may think it means something or is meant for someone in particular and it may resonate with someone else and that is totally okay!! We who are given the task of giving messages need to remember to only share what we are given. Sometimes our biggest mistakes are in the interpretation of the messages!! I strive to give the messages straight, and leave the interpretations to the recipients. If I say.. I am seeing a pear tree.. and that means nothing to me... but the recipient may say.. oh yes.. that is my grandfather connecting to me.. he had pear trees in his yard and that is always the symbol I get from him...( this actually occurred). I could have thought.. oh my what does a pear tree represent... etc etc.. instead I just gave it straight and the recipient knew what it meant...

So here I am giving it straight. I dreamed of a person contacting me to connect to someone else. There was an old building that appeared to have been renovated into a very quaint old restaurant or bed and breakfast of some type. It appeared to be someone who knew this other person when they were much younger and there was no ulterior motive other than to just say hi and reconnect. And the reunion was a happy one.

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