Monday, April 29, 2013

Dream Interpretations

Last night I had two dreams that stood out to me as important. I was not sure at first of the significance, but given some events that occurred when I woke up this morning, I am apt to think that I was being protected in some way.

In the first dream I was in danger of being attacked. I was not really aware of the danger, but I saw my Power Animal the black panther running toward me in the dream and he jumped up on me to block whatever was coming at me to attack me. Then I woke up. Short dream.

In the second dream I was getting into my car. I was in some sort of area where construction was going on. My mother was with me, although I didn't really see her, I just knew she was there ( my mother has passed.) As I got into my car, a disheveled man jumped into my car and pointed a gun at my head and demanded that I drive him somewhere in town. My mother got in and said she would drive, so I was kind of sitting in the middle between this man and my mother (who I still didn't really see).  I became aware that I needed to send love and light to this man and to the gun pointed now in my  mouth. I closed my eyes as we drove and sent love and light and the man began to cry. He put the gun down and I was able to talk to him. I must have gained his trust. I really don't remember the conversation but it appeared he had some wounds under his shirt because at one point he flinched when I patted him on the side after he had put the gun down. We stopped the car and he got out. And then I woke up.

I am one to always spiritualize everything. I was thinking...hmmm.... my car represents my path in life and my mom was there and it seemed to be somewhere that I had been sometime in the past.. etc.. etc.. then I went to work.

When I got to work my supervisor called me aside and said that since I came to work early in the morning I might want to take extra care noticing my surroundings because there had been a string of robberies on the street where I work. He began to give me instructions for what to do if I noticed anyone walking toward me as I entered my work place.

It occurs to me that I possibly averted some harm coming to me just by the mere fact that in my first dream my Power Animal was protecting me and in my second dream I sent love and light to the perpetrator. Who is to say that when we send love and light to those who wish us harm that we do not touch some place deep inside of them that needs healing? Healing is out there not only for people who are loving and kind, but also to those who are less than honorable citizens.

I don't know that if I was being held at gun point that I would necessarily think to send love and light at that moment. However in my dreams obviously I did think of it. Now for those of you skeptics out there: no I did not watch a cops and robbers show on television last night. Even if I did, it never hurts to send love and light.

Thanks to my protective guardians, who know when I need some protection, even when I don't. Perhaps I did send some loving healing energy to that person who has been robbing stores the past few days. I hope he finds some peace and healing.

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