Friday, May 31, 2013

Gratitude Journal

This is a great idea and I thought I would share it.

I know that for many people May has been a difficult month. The energies of the month vibrationally were challenging, and this has been the case for many people. I for one am very excited that we are about to transition into June. Numerologically speaking, May was the vibration of 2, which many find challenging. It is the energy of polar opposites, so you may have had things going up and down and up and down. You may have felt like you were trudging through mud, as I did. I was hearing a lot about people breaking commitments or not following through with obligations. This seemed to be affecting a lot of people.  Your individual birth date may have had a different vibration, but universally this was the energy. I was hearing this from a lot of people, so I realized that this energy was affecting many of you.

Now we are about to shift into a new vibration when June hits us on Saturday. This is the energy of 3. This is a much more fun number, with the emphasis being on socializing, but it also has a very spiritual connotation as well. Many find 3 to be a powerful manifesting number, unless you are trying to attract a relationship, then it is not such a good number ( you know that old saying.. three's a crowd.. appropriate here)..

 I am choosing to focus on the manifesting aspect of the 3 energy. It is also the number of expression. We have all heard of journaling, but this concept includes the aspect of expression as well as multiplying the effects due to the way it changes our focus and multiplies our creative, manifesting energy. I thought that beginning in June I would do this, and it might resonate with some of you so I am suggesting you do it too!

Start a gratitude journal. In this journal write down every single time something good happens to you. It could be as small as finding a penny on the floor. We humans have to tendency to notice every time something goes out of our life: money, relationships, or whatever, and we seem to have no trouble expressing our dismay when these things happen. How about if we change our focus and write it down or express in some way that you have noticed when something good comes your way? I suggest having some sort of focus, like my money gratitude journal or my love gratitude journal. Think about what you are desiring to manifest.

You may wake up in the morning feeling good instead of groggy.. write it down! Someone may let you in line at the grocery store ahead of them.. write it down! You may be doing laundry and find money in the washing machine.. you get the idea!

As we focus on the good things that happen to us, we may not notice as much when things are difficult.

The new moon in June is on the 8th ( coincidentally my favorite number). New moons symbolize starting a new phase. So if we are going to start our journal with the help of the Universe and planets and the moon we may want to start our journal on June 9th. Up until that time, you may want to think about things you want to release. Right now we are going from a full moon to a new moon, which means the moon is waning. Symbolically this represents letting go. Are there patterns or habits you would like to be rid of?  Why not do a ritual symbolic of letting go of those things? Since three is the number of manifestation, it might be a good idea to do this ritual three times before the actual new moon.

What do I mean by ritual? You might write on a piece of paper something you would like to release and then find some sort of ritual which symbolizes this for you. Some people may burn the paper upon which their items they would like to release are written. Some may bury them in the ground while some may have some other meaningful ritual. The most important thing is that what you do has to mean something to you!

Wording is important!

Don't say:" I don't want .... anymore."  Instead, say:" I am now releasing.... "  Or "I release the need to....."

Be creative!! 

When we include powerful emotions in our rituals, it increases the effect!

You might want to dance or sing or laugh or cry as you do your ritual. You may want to call upon your Higher Powers to increase the vibration. I grew up Pentecostal, so we always engaged in powerful emotional triggers to our religious rituals. I still have fond memories of dancing around the church in expression of faith and devotion! This counts for your gratitude journal and your releasing ritual.

Get excited when something wonderful happens! As you raise your personal vibrations, miracles happen!

I am looking forward to the amazing effects of our collective energy raised up to the Universe as we release the no longer useful things and celebrate the good stuff in our lives!!

If you need some personal attention to ridding your life of negative patterns and moving on to the good stuff, help is available! You can contact me through my website and we can work on a personal plan of action! Feel free to contact me and let's work on moving forward!


  1. Hi Joy! I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that it wasn't just me that felt like May was a difficult month. Phew... it has a been a gnarly first half of the year for me, especially energetically speaking. But, I have been doing some major soul searching & birthing of new projects and ideas, so I have been having to be more aware of allowing and letting thing flow. I am also excited to hear that we are moving into some powerful manifesting energy! Yay. Thank you so much for sharing all this!!

  2. I love gratitude journals. I don't do it nearly as much as I should, but I definitely notice a difference when I do. On Monday I was in a bad mood and decided to write out 9 things I was grateful for. My mood instantly lifted!