Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Silence

I have noticed that frequently after a time of intense and frequent contact with Spirit that often what follows is a time of intense silence. This is what has been occurring with me this month. In September, as you know, I posted a message every day derived from the cards of the tarot. I really enjoyed the interaction with Spirit and the time of really connecting with the cards. This month however, I have noticed that most of the month there has been a great deal of silence. My daily meditation time has been met with interruptions or difficulty concentrating. I wanted to share this for those of you that have had this occurring as well.

Not that there have been no interactions with Spirit. The other day while meditating I could hear in the "fake" tree that I have beside me in my healing room a sound like the rustling of leaves. I was meditating so I ignored the sound at first. The second time I acknowledged the sound and let it go. There was no movement of air, like a fan or a heat vent that could have caused the sound. I imagined that possibly it was Spirit making contact. After a few minutes of hearing the rustling of the leaves, I gave in and opened my eyes. There on the tree was a praying mantis! I acknowledged his presence and thanked him for joining in my meditation time. My husband and I proceeded to catch him and put him outside. Later when I looked up the praying mantis in my animal messages book, I learned that the praying mantis represents stillness and going within. I thought it appropriate that he had showed up while I was meditating. I imagine he was telling me that more stillness was necessary. Sometimes we have to be still and silent for a period of time before the next stage of the game can proceed. This is apparently where I find myself.

Another interaction with Spirit occurred when a hawk flew directly in front of my car as I pulled in the driveway last weekend. I live in a neighborhood, not too far out of town, so this is not a common occurrence. I knew that hawk was sending me a message. Hawks represent having prophetic sight and seeing things that most will miss. It is a fact that if you hold a dime on one side of a football field and there is a hawk on the opposite end, that the hawk can see the details on the dime. Maybe Spirit is telling me that it is time to access hawk energy and see more clearly.  I am looking forward to connecting with these new earth energies and accessing their knowledge.

So if it is few days or even a few weeks between messages on my blog, know that I am still around. I am getting in touch with Spirit. Maybe they are just giving me a rest. Maybe my system needs to be rebooted. When you reboot a computer, you have to turn it off to get the benefits of whatever system you have installed or upgraded. If you find yourself in a period of silence from the Higher Realms, take heart. Maybe you are just being upgraded and Spirit found it necessary to reboot your system, making it necessary for a stage of turning off your internal computer for a period of time. Take the time to rest and reboot, knowing that soon you will be back, better than ever.

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