Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This morning I was blessed to have brunch with a very dear friend of mine. Though our belief systems are not exactly the same, we each have a love and acceptance for the other. I am always anticipating what will be our topic of conversation, as Spirit often has a message somehow wrapped up in our time together. Today was no exception. Despite my agenda for today, I had to rush home and try to write down the message for today.

We started out by talking about her recent decision to claim back all the things she felt had been stolen from her life and the lives of her loved ones. She talked about years stolen due to her fears. She talked about an autographed picture of Marilyn Monroe. I related how unknowingly we steal parts of the souls of our loved ones or even enemies through intense emotions and how it was possible that pieces of her soul were possibly in the energy field of those she had dreams about or thought about frequently. We both talked about the things we wanted to accomplish in this lifetime, but sometimes felt that our time was stolen due to everyday obligations.

Here are a few things that Spirit wanted us to know, regarding pieces of our lives that we felt had been stolen from us. The main thing that Spirit let us know is that there is no entity (like the devil or his cohorts) out there specifically targeting us to steal from us. We, by our acknowledging that we felt stolen from, were creating the idea in our mind that we had lost something that needed to be returned. The idea is, that when we felt the loss of something, that we would engage our Divine creative ability to manifest that which we felt we had lost. Instead of focusing on what had been stolen, why not instead create in our intentions that which we would instead like to manifest? If we have lost a picture of Marilyn Monroe, for example, then, instead of focusing on getting it back from someone who stole it, why not create a vision of that picture in our minds and focus on having it or something better, hanging on our wall? I have for awhile believed in the mantra, "what you focus on grows." Instead of focusing on the thief, or on that which is stolen, instead focus on creating the possession of that which we have lost. If we have lost a home, or a job, or any number of things, we can recreate what we have lost in our lives by our intention.

By the same token, however, there is the seemingly contradictory message from Spirit, that at times, we need to come to a place of surrender of that which we wish to manifest. If we find ourselves in the position of having meditated, visualized, and intended for something to manifest, and, after a period of time, have still not seen the thing for which we are focused come to pass, there is a point in which it is necessary to surrender to the Divine Higher Wisdom in our lives that for which we have been intending. At this point in our conversation I almost felt that I was channeling Jesus, who told us that when he incarnated on the earth, He knew that his Divine purpose was to teach mankind about love and forgiveness. He said that he was accomplishing that to a degree, but it wasn't until He gave up His right to what was His, that the true manifestation of that purpose came to pass. He gave up his life of ministry, allowed himself to lose it all, and then the manifestation of that purpose was reborn. There comes a time in our lives, especially those to whom is given a calling to be of service, that what burns in our hearts has to be relinquished, so that it can die a death to what we think it has to be or how it has to be accomplished, so that Spirit or the Divine Plan can unfold.

Most of the time we will agree that the major turning points in our lives came while we were busy doing something else. It is only in retrospect that we recognize those times in our lives when we crossed major thresholds that led us in a particular direction. So I say, yes, decide to create something positive in your life. State your intentions. Meditate. Make specific steps that lead you toward your goal. But, at the same time, be aware of the fact that it is only through surrender of all our plans and the ability to change directions if Spirit leads us, that our true calling and purpose can ultimately come into our lives.

So, just for the record, my intention is to be a force of healing to all those with whom I come into contact. I would like to spread love and light to every person I meet. If Spirit allows me to do this through delivering spiritual messages or shamanic healing, then so be it. However, if there is a different plan, I am open to that too.

Use my example of my intention to create your own message to the Universe. Create your intention, but be open to a change in plans. Know that we are the creators of our lives. But surrender to the idea that there might be a bigger force at work, making the wheels turn or stop. And it is all okay.

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