Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Spells

A good friend of mine a long time ago once told me that in her belief system, any spell cast on Halloween was guaranteed to come to pass. The energies, she told me, were greater that day than any other. I hadn't thought about that for years but this morning it came to my mind. Of course I don't propose that we all go out and start casting spells, unless of course they follow the cardinal rule "DO NO HARM."  But let us think about this for a moment.

Yesterday I was supposed to officiate at a wedding in Virginia Beach, but decided to err on the side of caution and request it be postponed, due to the hurricane. So I ended up with a day to myself, since my original plans had been cancelled. I was walking into the grocery store, not really thinking about anything in particular, when my guides told me that I really had to watch my words, because words that came out of my mouth were very powerful and had the capability of changing worlds.

This kind of coincides with this morning's thought about casting spells on Halloween. Now casting spells kind of has an evil connotation, with all the media and movies that have glamorized the practice and the tendency for religion to demonize the practice, but really, it is no different than saying a prayer. A long time ago my guides told me that every thought I thought was a prayer. Every intention or every affirmation I repeated is a kind of spell that I am casting for something that I expect to manifest in my life. Anything that any of us do with intention has power to bring about change in our lives.

So what if my friend has a valid point? What if any spell we cast on Halloween has extra power? Why not use this to our advantage? Let us all spend a moment today to send out prayers, intentions, thoughts of love and light, or whatever you want to call your prayers, out to those in harm's way? To all those affected by the storm, let us send out our intentions that the ability to reclaim their losses will be intensified, that their hearts will be comforted in their losses. Let us send out the intention to the political candidates that the best man for the job will win, that whatever is best for our country and for all those that live here and call it our home will manifest, that whatever the outcome that we may all learn to love and accept one another no matter our differences of opinion, that all may have equal opportunities to live life according to their heart, and that we not blame the government or anyone outside of ourselves for our situations. Let us set aside our judgements and our thoughts of what is right and wrong, and simply love one another.

Some may call it casting a spell and some may call it saying a prayer. Some may light candles to intensify their prayers and some may do other rituals, but as long as no living thing is harmed in the process, what difference does it make what the ritual is or to whom the prayer is addressed? I believe our Source and the Creator of all that is has bigger things to think about than how He/She is addressed and what rituals are performed to request assistance.The bottom line is that it is our intention with which we perform our rituals or pray our prayers that has the real power.

May our intentions be of the highest order, that all may be blessed and that no one be harmed as we all celebrate Halloween in our own way. Do not judge others in their beliefs, whether they be similar to yours or different, as long as no harm is caused or intended. Blessed be!!

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