Sunday, October 14, 2012

Piggyback Messages

Piggyback messages is a term I have invented for messages from Spirit that are aimed at one person but another person receives and benefits from them. Spirit often does this. It is okay.

Sometimes I write a blog and I get several people who message me to tell me that they were sure this particular message was meant for them. I am happy that Spirit likes to help more than one person at a time.

Sometimes I have been in a room where a medium or an intuitive is giving messages to individuals and although I have not been the recipient of a message, I went away with a message anyway, because I felt Spirit was directing a message to me, even though the intuitive was talking to someone else.

I have also been the recipient of a message that was directed at me, but I felt that the message was really for someone else. I once received a message that I would be moving and that a very tumultuous year was ahead for me. At the time I had no intention of moving, and for several months I was a bit stressed, wondering when the ball was going to drop, so to speak. It ended up I had several messages from intuitives and from my tarot cards about a stressful change in my life. At the end of that year I looked back and realized that all of the messages were in fact directed at my daughter, who ended up being the one who moved and had a stressful year. How do I explain this? At that time my daughter's energy and mine were very closely enmeshed, and I think the intuitives were picking up on her energy because of the piece of her soul I was carrying around with me. I was worried about her in her stressful situation and through this worry had unknowingly taken a piece of her soul and was carrying it around with me. When I was able to separate her soul from mine and give her back her soul part, it freed up my energy from feeling responsible to fix her life, and allowed her the freedom to experience her own challenges and work through them herself. When I saw the same intuitive a year later, she asked me what had happened. She told me my energy was completely different than it had been a year before. That is why it is so important to give back pieces of other people's souls and walk around in our own energy field. This is an extreme example of a piggyback message, but worth mentioning.

I have had people complain to me that when they get messages from intuitives, they often get messages for loved ones and that the messages are not primarily about them. This is because it is so easy to become entwined in the energy of our loved ones. Our guides will use whatever methods that are available to get messages to us. If one of our loved ones is not in the atmosphere to receive a message from Spirit, their guides will often jump into our session because there is something important they need to tell them. Don't worry. When there is an important message from Spirit for you, your Guides will try again and again until you get the message.

If you find yourself hearing the same thing over and over then take the hint that it might be a message from Spirit for you. If you have dreams that occur over and over, it is definitely a message from Spirit for you. Don't feel bad if someone else is getting a message and you think it is for you. Spirit obviously thought that the message was important enough to have you be in the listening area so that you could get the message. Our guides will go to extreme lengths to get us to listen.

In the next couple of days, pay attention to messages that occur over and over. It could be a song on the radio. It could be something you read or something you hear someone else talking about. If we pay attention, messages are all around us. Piggyback messages are just one way Spirit has to communicate with us. Let us let go of the idea that our communications with Spirit can only come one way. It only stands to reason that there may be more than one person going through a particular circumstance at one time. Piggyback messages save our guides time when they can get a message out to more than one person at a time.

When you are ready to hear a message, then it will come to you. One way or another. Open your heart and listen.

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