Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Thoughts about Soul Growth

Once a month at my home here in Winchester Virginia, I have a class on various subjects of interest for those of us pursuing a spiritual path. Most of these classes contain wisdom given to my by my guides, as well as insights and techniques that I have learned over the years in my spiritual pursuits. This month's class we did a meditation to rid our souls of energy that was no longer helpful to us on our paths. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. The meditation was given to me directly from my guides, and during the meditation my guides would give me little tidbits of information about energy that we hold onto, many times unconsciously. Evidently it was a very important session, because it seemed that a lot of my normal monthly participants ran into difficultly attending. My intention was that those who were meant to experience this important session would be there, and we still had a good turnout. I wanted to share a little of the information given to me by my guides.

One of the things my guides told me was that when we are about to cross a major spiritual threshold, and shed our energy field of blocks that we have been carrying around for many years, maybe even many lifetimes, we may experience some interference from our subconscious. This is because even if we are suffering, we have become accustomed to the suffering. Our limited thinking and our limited viewpoints and the imprints our beliefs have attached to have become a part of our identity. For this reason it is sometimes difficult to shed energies that we have long ago outgrown. When an opportunity arrives to shed our limited thinking and embrace new energies, many times we will find obstacles popping up to divert our attention or take us away from a much needed healing or transformation. This is a familiar message to me. I have many times been told that our souls heal gradually. It is very rare to jump right from the pit of hell to the heights of ecstasy. If we could rate our souls growth from one to ten, we very rarely jump from a one, the bottom of the scale, to a ten, the top of the scale. It is a process. But every time we take a step, we grow.

My guides were able to bring into awareness many things that we carry over from lifetime to lifetime, that cause us grief, and we were able to shed those energies. No worries, our souls will not present us with a healing modality that we are unable to acclimate our selves to. And we may or may not feel different right away. It takes a while before our bodies become accustomed to our new energies. But change is inevitable. Remember that whatever we are experiencing in our lives, that we can use it as an opportunity to grow.

The other sign to us that our energies are changing is the interesting experience of having things break or stop working temporarily. This is a sign that our energy has changed and our household items have to re-acclimate to our new energy field. Take heart, this experience is usually temporary. Some have experienced light bulbs bursting or electronic devices acting strange or having to be rebooted. Give yourself and your possessions time to adjust. This will pass.

Every day, take time to connect with the energy of your soul. Tell your soul that you are open to change and growth. You are open to new experiences and new insights into things you have always believed. The most important thing to remember is that what you know is all you know. But everything is subject to change. There is nothing set in stone. We all are living our lives with limited thinking and limited beliefs that have made us who we are. As we love our souls and are open to growth, our lives will change. The change may not be what you have expected. But if you are in touch with your soul and what is best for your path through this life and the purpose that you came here to fulfill, then the change will be for the best for everyone concerned. Rest assured that it is all good. If you feel right now like all you have believed and all of the identity with which you have associated yourself is changing, celebrate!! You are finally becoming your authentic self. And it is good.

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