Friday, October 12, 2012

Soul Thievery

Today I want to talk a little bit about how we unknowingly and most of the time unconsciously steal a portion of a soul that belongs to someone else.

Have you ever heard someone say, "I have never been the same since I lost my heart to .........." or " and so stole my heart." or some similar saying? I know that what these people are saying is meant to be a metaphor, but in the nonphysical realm, it is true. It is easy to have portions of the souls of our loved ones. Either they willingly give us a piece of their soul, or we subconsciously steal it. We may have the deep feeling that we cannot survive without a certain someone in our life. Subconsciously we are stealing a portion of their soul. There is an invisible bond that occurs that ties us to that individual, whether or not both souls are in agreement. Also if you hold a grudge against someone, technically you have stolen a piece of their soul. You have a part of them trapped in your heart, even though you dislike them. Any very strong emotion directed at another person has the potential of grabbing a piece of their soul and taking it into your energy field. This is not healthy for either individual. Many times we can even unknowingly have pieces of the souls of famous people. One reason why celebrities often have such emotional problems is because they do not understand how to protect themselves from soul loss. Earlier in the year when I was writing a message a day on my blog, at one time about half way through I started to feel drained and lethargic. My guides showed me that I was harboring pieces of the souls of many of my readers. It was necessary for me to cut the invisible cords that tied me to many people I did not even know.

Last night I dreamed that a person who I know had a relative held prisoner in her basement. She had her tied up in a cage and was contemplating killing her. I was trying to convince her that this was not a good plan and would change her life forever. At one point in the dream she had moved her to her couch, although still tied up and unable to leave. I woke from the dream and immediately knew that she, through her grudge in real life, had stolen a piece of this woman's soul.

This is why it is so important to watch our words and our thoughts. Even our thoughts toward someone can have an effect on that person. Remember that everything is energy. Subconsciously we feel the thoughts and words of others, even if on a conscious level we have no knowledge of it.

Is there someone who, even though perhaps you haven't had any contact with this person for some time, you often find yourself thinking or dreaming about? The thoughts and words can be either loving or not so loving. Any strong thoughts or emotions can trigger soul theft. It is very important to have all the pieces of our souls in our own energy field so that we can be whole.

How is this remedied? I like to wake every morning and call back any pieces of my soul that have been separated from me. If there has been severe trauma or emotions, sometimes it takes the work of a shamanic practitioner to get these pieces back. The shamanic practitioner, like myself, will travel into the non physical world and retrieve the parts of our souls that have been lost or stolen. Sometimes pieces of our souls have been gone so long that when they come back, the world suddenly seems brighter. Immediately we feel like we have been on a long trip, and suddenly have come back to a new world, brighter and more intense than before. 

If you think you may have a piece of someone else's soul, it is also important to give that piece back. You can meditate and imagine that person in front of you. Imagine yourself holding a ball of light and then give it back to the person to whom it belongs. Sometimes you can imagine the piece of that person's soul going into an object and then give that object to the person. You will feel free and light when you give pieces of other souls back to their owners. Someone else's energy is never good in your energy field.

Let go of any grudges, any unresolved issues, any unrequited love. Give the souls of others back to themselves. In the same token, ask Spirit to help you get back any pieces of yourself that have been stolen by others or that you have given away or lost. Let us get on with the business of enjoying life, and move forward in our quest for living life in its fullest.

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