Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Talking to Jesus

It occurs to me that I may have posted this or a part of this before but I was instructed that this was for someone so here it is again......

Recently I was out for my morning run and before I had even gotten a hundred yards from my house I heard the crows starting to cawk at me. This is normally what occurs when the Angels have a message for me. They will call to me to let me know to pay attention. This time I acknowledged the crows greeting and told them I was open to receiving any messages that might be waiting for me. I heard the message, “Jesus wants to talk to you.”
I had not connected with Jesus in awhile. I had not been avoiding him, but I had my attention in other areas I guess. But the evening before I had received an email from one of my readers who wanted to know how she could be sure that connecting with her spirit guides was not evil or sinful. I had thought about my days and years serving Jesus when I had believed the same thing. I realize that if she wanted to be assured that spirit guides were sinful, she would not have contacted me. She wanted assurance that they were not sinful. I related to her a dream I had had years ago before I made the decision to explore other religious beliefs.
I dreamed that I was standing in line to be baptized. It was a long line and I was near the back so I was settled back and ready for a long wait. Suddenly I saw Jesus and he was standing beside me.
“What are you doing?” he asked me.
“I am waiting in line to be baptized,” was my reply.
“Well, you can stay here if you want but I am leaving.” He said to me.
“Where are you going?”
“I am going to Greece.” He said to me. So of course I got out of line and followed him. And then the dream was over.
I remember that at first I was puzzled by the dream. I thought that maybe I should look into taking a trip to Greece. At that time I was struggling financially and barely making ends meet, so a trip to Greece was obviously not what Jesus had in mind.  Upon reflection, however, I thought about how in the Bible Paul had made trips to Greece and how he had had difficulty getting converts to Christianity there due to their love of exploring different philosophies. It dawned on me that Jesus was telling me that it was okay to expand my horizons and learn different ways of thinking and believing, and that he would take me there or he would go without me if I chose to stay. And it was okay either way.
At that time I was attending a church that believed in giving and receiving messages from the Lord. I had learned to hear messages from attending this church and in particular a woman who would become my best friend and mentor, but the minister at that time had given me a message that I did not need to go other places to receive guidance from the Lord. He had told me that all I needed was right there in that community of believers. This dream seemed to be a direct contradiction of that message he had given me. I remember I struggled with the message. But a lot of things were about to change.
Here it is years later. I have explored different ways of thinking and believing. I guess I have to say that my own belief system is constantly evolving. I connect with Jesus on occasion but I also connect with many other Higher Beings of Love and Light. Sometimes Jesus is with these other Beings, sometimes not. But this day he was calling for me.
“I need you to tell your story,” he said to me. “There are many more people who need to hear what you have to say.”
“What do I have to say?” I asked.
“I need you to tell them how you got from where you were to where you are now.”
“I don’t want to offend anyone,” I said to Jesus. “Those who are open to the things I have to say will listen to my story, but many may be offended. I don’t want to open up any wounds that have healed.”
“You don’t put a band-aid over a bullet hole. It is important to get the bullet out of the wound so it can heal properly. There are many walking wounded out there. It is time to get the bullets out.”

Jesus told me many other things that morning during my run. I tried to remember it all and write it down when I got back home but I am still in the process of compiling the messages from Jesus into one publication. One day I will have it all available to read. Until then, I will have a message here and there from Jesus. Yes, He still talks to me. What He tells me is sometimes surprising. This day was no exception.

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