Thursday, June 7, 2012

Changing Limiting Circumstances

The following is a message I received for a client and it was so good I had to post it for anyone else who may be going through a struggle and need a tool to recreate something in their life that they would like to change. I have changed any identifying information that would pinpoint the person for whom this message was given. I hope it can help others.

Okay. First of all the Angels told me that you have to change your vision of yourself. You have come a long way, They told me, but there is still more work to do. You have a subconscious belief that you are being judged for past sins. This has to be released or you will be forever subconsciously be creating situations in which you are being punished. So the first thing they told me to tell you to do is a releasing ceremony. This is a ceremony in which you will be releasing limiting thoughts about yourself. I will give you a few ideas of what these limiting thoughts may be but you are the one who must go within and find the true wording to what is in your heart. This can be discovered by getting quiet and alone with yourself.  Sit quietly and allow your consciousness to go within your heart. You could imagine a smaller version of yourself going within your heart and trying to find a hidden box containing all the negative beliefs you have about yourself. These are very strong beliefs that probably came to you in previous lifetimes. When you find this box, open it up and see what is inside. They could be hidden thoughts like.. "no one understands the true me."... or "I am always judged for past sins.".. or "I am never free from my past." Or "I always get the raw end of the deal.".. you will find the true thoughts.. these are just examples. When you have found these hidden beliefs I want you to write them on a piece of paper. Then light a candle and burn them. As you burn them, you send the intention out loud that you are releasing these limiting beliefs. You could say something like, " I now release these limiting beliefs I have about myself."

The next step is that if at any time these thoughts try to come back into your consciousness, you recognize the thought and replace it with a positive statement that is the exact opposite of the limiting belief. In other words you could say, " No, I have released that belief. It is no longer mine. I now believe that I am understood and loved for all that I truly am... I am recognized for all my accomplishments. I am exonerated of all charges against me." At this point it is important to visualize all those who you feel have let you down and thank them for the lessons you are learning through this experience and forgive them for their judgements of you. You could imagine their faces in front of you and say out loud that you are thankful for the learning experiences and you understand why they have misunderstood you.

The next step is to create a short sentence stating what you would like to create instead. The sentence should be seven words or less. It could be something like, " I create complete exoneration of all charges." or "I am loved and understood." or "My future is bright and successful." or "Those in authority recognize my true worth." You can use one of these statements or create your own.

Then I want you to create an object of some kind that would hold the energy of the statement that you can carry around with you. You will write the statement down on a small piece of paper and attach it to the object you create. I created an arrow that I don't carry around with me but I connect with every day. I wrote the statement on the arrow and I spend time every day with the arrow but the Angels told me that isn't good enough for you. You need something to carry around with you at all times that would fit in your purse or even your pocket. Hold it in your hand several times a day and say the statement either out loud or to yourself if you are out in public. I envisioned a small doll with the statement pinned somehow to the back but it could be whatever comes to you. Even a quarter with the statement taped to the back but it has to be something you will not lose and it is more powerful if you create it. It is even more powerful if you find something in nature that will agree to assist you. When I created my arrow I went outside and asked the trees if they would allow me to use a small branch for my arrow and then when one gave me permission I gave the tree a gift in return of a piece of my hair.

Anyway, when you have created your manifesting object you will carry it around with you for thirty days and connect with this object several times a day. Say the statement every time you touch the object. You can say it in your head if there are other people around. Continue to resist the temptation to allow limiting thoughts into your consciousness. When you think.. oh no these circumstances are so bad and there is nothing I can do to change them,  you could say.. what else is possible? I like that one. Keep saying.. what else is possible over and over every time you think.. oh no (whatever)....say...or think... what else is possible?

Just because your circumstances seem to be insurmountable doesn't mean it cannot be changed. Don't think this is set in stone. If you get a creative idea, act on it. Don't accept the sentence. Remember that you are the creator of your life and for some reason your subconscious has created this. When you have changed your subconscious beliefs about yourself, your circumstances will change. They have to.

I hope this helps the person it was originally intended for but I also believe that others can benefit from the ideas that Spirit gave me for this person. Now let's go out and create a more joyful life experience!!

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