Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go With Joy

I was reading this channeled message called "Brenda's Blog" and I came across this sentence. It screamed at me. I thought I would share it just in case someone else needs to read it too...

The only paths that will delay your progress is to deny your joy by only meeting the needs of others or to punish yourself for something you believe you did wrong in this life or any other manifestation of your being in the Universes. ”Burst into Bloom With This Solstice”

We all have things we believe we could have done better. I am a champion at second guessing myself. Could I have done this better? Could I have been a better mom and my daughter would not have had to experience such a challenging young life? Could I have done better at that reading, journey, message, class? Could I have been a better listener? Did I do enough to help that person? Did I hear that message correctly? Was that really a message from my ex-mother-in-law or did I imagine that?

Or, how about this scenario? I really don't want to do... (this or that) but I am expected to or I am worried about what so and so might think if I say I really don't want to do this. I will be expected to give a reason for saying no.

Of course I want to live a life of service to others. But not so much that I stop enjoying my life. When I get to the place that I am constantly giving to others and I am not taking any time to enjoy my life, then I have failed.

Today I spent time with a friend who was telling me about her triumph this past year of being able  for the first time  to say "no thanks" to what she had felt was her obligatory presence at holiday events. It gave her such joy to say, "I am sorry, I will not be coming over for Thanksgiving and Christmas," and not to feel obligated to come up with a reason why she was not attending. This was very freeing for her, and rightly so. How many times do we show up at events because we feel we are expected to? And if we don't, how many of us come up with shoddy reasons why we cannot attend?  What is wrong with saying, "no thanks" and not having to come up with some reason why?

The best way to tell if you are on the right path is to notice whether or not the particular path you are on is giving you joy. If it does not, then maybe it is time to rethink that path. I received a message years ago that I turned into a chapter in my book, Whispers of Joy, called "Supposed To's" in which I come to the conclusion that the only thing we are supposed to do is have joy. Over and over again when I ask my Guides which is the best path to choose or what decision should I make, they ALWAYS tell me that they will never tell me what to do. The feeling I get when I think of a decision is the guidance I am given. Does this decision give me joy?

I would like to encourage you today to think about joy.  Think about what gives you joy and what does not. If you are not able to make a big decision like deciding not to go to Aunt Mary's for Christmas, or not to take a particular job even though the pay is twice what you are making now just because it does not give you joy, then think about something small.

I will qualify this challenge by saying that sometimes unhealthy addictive behavior seems to give us joy for the time being. This is a different issue. Some things that are unhealthy or destructive could masquerade as joy. But true joy is deep inside and makes our heart sing. This is the joy I am talking about.

Just for today, do one thing that gives you joy. Don't allow your sense of obligation or duty dictate to you what decision you should make. Go with the joy. And then just see what happens.

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