Monday, June 25, 2012

The Watchers

I mentioned in a previous blog that I have recently connected with a group of Beings of the Light that told me that They would like to be called The Watchers. I believe that Beings of Light, be they Angels, or Guides or any other multitude of categories of non physical Beings like to connect with us on our level. Some other channeled messages that I have read have entities that give them complicated or Angelic sounding names, and that is fine. I am not really good at getting that kind of information. I seem to attract Light Beings who are a bit more practical and meet me on my level.

The Watchers have chosen to connect with me and give me practical information for everyday life, and that is what I think we need. In one of my recent blogs I told you the information they gave me about entities that are not of the light, and in this blog I wanted to include some other practical information they gave me.

While I was sitting connecting with The Watchers, a pair of mourning doves flew down very close to me and began their mating ritual. I was being very still and obviously the birds were not aware of my presence. They began cooing and playing with each other within just inches of the chair I was sitting on. I could not help but be mesmerized by their playful activity.

The Watchers told me that this was one of the benefits of my still meditations. They told me that they knew it was hard for me to sit still and up to now I had been successful connecting with Spirit while engaging in exercise or moving meditation, but there was a level that I had to attain by stillness. They told me that some things would only come to me when I was very still, and that I would not have to go chasing after them, that these things would come to me. I thought this message would benefit others who desire to connect with Spirit but find it difficult to get still. Yes you can meditate while moving but there is a level to be attained by stillness. When you are still you will find that you will notice things you never noticed before. Wisdom will come to you. Your guides will reveal themselves to you.

They also told me that the other message of the doves is that it is so important to be a person of integrity because you never know who is watching. The doves had no idea that I was there watching them play and that is why we must live our lives as if the world is watching. Of course it is impossible to be perfect all the time. We all lose our tempers. We all complain sometimes. We all get cranky or perhaps occasionally gripe or gossip. But we must always be moving forward and striving for that place where we will not slip. We must always be looking out for the best for others and treat them as we would want to be treated.

There is a message in every leaf on every tree. There is a message in every flower, every bead of water glistening in the morning sun. We just need to make time to sit still for once and listen.

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