Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ascension?

I have noticed a bit of a change in my energy in the past couple of weeks.  I asked the Angels about this and they have told me that there is an adjustment taking place within me and many others.  There is a change in the frequency on our planet and our bodies are going through some adjustments. In a moment I will tell you of some of the symptoms I have noticed in myself and a few others around me who have mentioned to me feeling somewhat out of sorts.

There has been in the metaphysical circles talk of what is called "the Ascension". I have steered away from this line of thinking because it sounds too much like the theory of "the Rapture" which I was grilled on constantly when I was a child due to my Pentecostal upbringing. In the Rapture theory, at some point in time, Jesus would come back to earth and take all the people to heaven with him who had accepted him as their personal savior. All those who had not said the "sinner's prayer" would be left behind to cope with life on earth with no good on it: no force of good to keep people in line, which would give rise to an "antichrist" or some person of power who would eventually take all those left on the earth who had not made the "Rapture" straight to hell.

So in this "Ascension" talk, there are different theories, but apparently there is another "earth", just like this one, and we are being made ready for it. Some of us will rise to this new "improved" earth, and some will stay here. In some theories, our bodies will go through changes, termed "Ascension" symptoms, making us ready for this change. In other theories, there is not another "earth" but this one is going through changes, and some of us are being made ready for the upgrade in the energy field.

I had been asked what I thought of the "Ascension" and I always said that it sounded similar to the Rapture, which had tortured me as a child growing up. I was always waiting for Jesus to come, afraid I had made some mistake that would doom me to miss the boat, so to speak. I would get up in the middle of the night and go to make sure my parents were still in their bed, because surely they would go and what if they did go and I got left behind? When I finally came to my senses as an adult and realized that no Higher Power in their right mind would leave behind a child to fend for themselves just because they told a lie that day or lost their temper, then I threw the whole theory out the window and chalked it up to a means of controlling the masses. If people are afraid of some kind of harsh punishment for bad behavior, then they are more likely to walk the line and obey the rules.

So what of this ascension? It is not a theory formulated to generate fear. It is just a theory that our energy fields are changing to make us able to live on a new improved planet. Yes, there is theory in some circles that some will wake up one day on another planet that looks just like earth, only better, and some will not. I don't know about that.

What I have noticed is that I am losing the capacity to allow my boundaries to be crossed. I have lost my temper lately which is extremely out of character for me. I have noticed changes in the behavior of others also who could be going through changes in their energy field. It is possible that our energy fields are being upgraded. It is also possible that the changes are occurring in me because I have been spending more time in meditation. It is also possible that I am going through changes due to my hormonal clock. My sleep has changed. My body temperature has changed. Foods and drinks that I either like or dislike have changed. However, it seems to me that I have noticed a pattern in the past few weeks of others doing things that are out of character for them as well. Not everyone is going through menopause.

Are these ascension symptoms? I have asked my Angels and Guides and they have told me that there are indeed changes going on in the atmosphere and in the energy fields around us and within us. These changes would likely cause some adjustments that at first may seem uncharacteristic of our normal vibration. We may sleep more, or less. We may find activities that we once enjoyed to hold less appeal. Or vice versa.

Don't worry. You are not going to wake up one day and find that half of the inhabitants of the earth have disappeared. Or, then again, maybe you will. But either way there is no reason to be afraid. Remember that many of these theories come about by someone attempting to control people's behavior. This is often done by instilling fear of tragic consequences if some sort of behavior is not adhered to. However, this is my theory. As long as we are living in love, everything will be all right.

So do I believe in the Ascension? I don't know. My first tendency is to say no. But I have learned that the more I think I know, the less I know. All I know for sure is that I do feel changes. I feel the messages that I get from the Angels and Beings of Love and Light getting more specific. And sometimes I feel nothing at all for quite some time.  And even when I try if the Angels are not talking I cannot make them talk.  I am more aware of indications in my physical body that let me know when there is someone around who is not in body.  I have recently noticed messages coming from deceased family members increasing. Are these ascension symptoms? I don't know.

Be aware. Walk in love. Be kind. Do no harm. If there is an ascension, then don't worry. You will make the boat. If not, be kind anyway.

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