Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Man Without a Hand

I wrote in my last blog that since I got back from Florida it seemed for the last week that I have not been quite myself.  I have found myself questioning my path and how to make it all work. I had resolved within myself that things do not have to manifest in one certain way, the way I had them planned out in my head. I am soon to do a seminar on manifesting, and one of the points concerning manifesting that I have learned is that sometimes things manifest differently from the way we have them planned out in our little finite minds. If we are consumed with our lives or our plans working out in a particular way, then we are stuck. I had resolved that my life does not have to pan out exactly how I had it planned out, but I was unresolved on what my next step was.

So I had been home a week and it came to be Sunday, my day off from work. The Universe was looking kindly upon me, because the weather was promising to be lovely and my dear husband suggested some time outdoors. This is always therapeutic for me and I was looking forward to some connection with Nature and also some quality time with hubby. We decided to head out to the park, where there are some lovely places to connect with nature and with Spirit, whether it be the Higher Intelligence, the Spirits of nature, or other non physical presences with whom we have also had occasion to connect.

Each of us settled into a comfy spot, and I closed my eyes and connected with Spirit. Immediately my wrist and hand began to hurt. When I was driving back from Florida, at some point south of Richmond, VA I had noticed pain in my right wrist, but I had attributed it to twelve or thirteen hours of driving. The pain and come and gone since I had been back, but as I connected with the spirit realms at this time in the park it occurred to me that perhaps I had picked up some nonphysical presence south of Richmond. At times in the past I have connected with those no longer in body by feeling pain in my body.  So at this time I asked the pain if it belonged to me or if someone was there who was not me. I immediately felt the presence of a man, not very young but not very old, who made himself known to me. He did not tell me his name but he did tell me that he had lost his hand in Afghanistan. Then I asked him why he had attached himself to me and he replied that he knew I could help him. I asked him if the part of him that attached to me was part of the soul of someone living or dead, and I got the feeling that he had passed. He told me that when he lost his hand he lost all hope of what he was to do with the rest of his life. He was a man who worked with his hands and he did not see any solution or alternatives to how he was to play out the rest of his life. I remember at this point the thought came to me that in a way this was similar to the issues I was wrestling with. I have had a plan as to how my life was to play out, and it had occurred to me that things may not manifest in exactly the way I had planned, and I was going through the phase of surrendering my plans to the will of the Higher Intelligence.  Very often when our energies are at a particular place, we attract to us energies of others that are similar, and apparently this is what had occurred. I asked him if he wanted to connect with anyone before he passed or send a message to anyone, and he said no that was not the issue. He just needed to express that he understood his mistake. He realized that running away from a challenge was not the answer and that he would have to make it right, perhaps in another lifetime.

I held the energy to him of love and light and acceptance and I felt the Light surround him and then he was gone. Also gone was the pain in my wrist. Also gone was the doubt about my purpose and path. I knew that our lives and our energies are entwined with every one else who inhabits the earth and many times the feelings we have are not always our own. We get sidetracked or stalled when we pick up the energies of others and mistake those feelings for our own. This is a key issue in manifesting our heart's desires: deciphering our own feelings and emotions from those of those around us. It is especially a daunting task to those of us who are empathic.

My purpose in life is to be of service to those, living or dead, who need assistance in their spiritual walk. However, this purpose does not supersede the purpose we all incarnate for, to experience joy. If the first mentioned purpose starts to weigh me down or cause me grief, then I am doing something wrong. It is time to step back and ask myself what do I need to experience joy again. This is why we are here. Sometimes we have to have times to reexamine our lives and renegotiate our paths. And then move forward.

Blessings to my new friend who I just met but apparently has been around for about a week. And now he is on to his next adventure. And I bet he has a hand now.

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