Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Man in the Iron Mask

Remember several years ago the movie that came out The Man in the Iron Mask? I understand it was a remake of an older movie of the same name, but the one I saw was the more recent version. I had long forgotten about the movie until today.

Today I was privileged to channel a message from the higher realms for a friend. After she left, I felt like the presence of the Being of Light was still in my energy field, and that She was not finished.  So I got comfortable on my meditation chair, and asked if there was anything else She wanted to share with me. Right away She began to speak, and this is what She said.  I thought that part or all of this message might resonate with others, so I share it here.

"Joy," She said, " sometimes you have wondered if you might be a "step-in", a soul who steps into a body when the other soul is finished with their lessons in order to complete this lifetime. You feel so disjointed sometimes from your life in the past. You look back on your past and sometimes feel like the person you used to be was someone else and you are just looking back on someone else's life. This is funny to Us. No you are not a step in."

"You remind Us of the man in the movie, "The Man in the Iron Mask." Remember that he was the heir to the throne that was whisked away from his rightful place as royalty and placed in a prison with an iron mask on his face to hide his identity. You have spent your life with a mask upon your face to hide who you really are inside, hidden even from yourself. Over the years the Angels have come and rescued you from this prison, removing the mask, revealing to you your true divinity, as is the birthright of every human born onto the earth. And although the Angels have attempted to reveal to you who you really are, it has taken some time to get you to the place where you are now. You see, you as humans are divinity. You are heirs to the throne. You are creators of your own destiny. You are royalty.

"By being born onto the earth, your identity has been hidden. Those in authority have convinced you that you are powerless, and that you need help and control from others who know more than you do to keep your life straight. The mask of who you really are is placed upon your face from a very young child. This is so that the authorities could maintain control. And who was the authority? Fear, Insecurity, Low Self Esteem, Rejection. You gave your power over to the power of Fear. And Fear kept you imprisoned all these years."

"At some point the mask was removed and you have been hard at work discovering your divinity. And so it is that the person you used to be with the mask on your face is now foreign to you, and sometimes you wonder who that former version of yourself really was, was that you? And We say, yes, it was you, but an abbreviated version. Now you can stand tall in your divinity and realize who you are and why you are here. You are here to experience joy and to show others who are walking through this lifetime with masks upon their hearts and their souls who they really are. That they are royalty. They are divinity."

And so today the Angels want you to know that you are magnificent! It is time to take off those masks of insecurity, doubt, and fear and rise up and know that you are divinity. The power to make your life heaven on earth is within you. The mask is not you. Look in the mirror and know that you are heir to the throne of your own destiny. No one else but you is in charge of making your life wonderful. Let us remove those masks and come to know who we really are. And we are grand!!

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