Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1

As many of you have noticed, March was a quiet month for me. Part of it was due to my holiday in Florida, but, surprisingly enough, upon my return I have not found the mojo that seemed to just scream to me to get my self out there and on paper like I had before my trip. 

Before I left for my trip I had what is called a medicine wheel reading from my shaman teacher, Susan Wolf Star, who was teaching me this new form of getting messages from Spirit, which I will be incorporating into my basket of "things I can do" once I get a little practice. In the reading it was revealed to me that I was in the position of "death" on the medicine wheel. This came as a surprise to me since I was feeling pretty good at the time, but time would reveal the accuracy of this reading. The position of death does not mean I am going to die, but that it was time to let some things go that were no longer life to me. I started by throwing some stuff away out of my closets, and I am still doing that. And cleaning some dead leaves out of the yard, symbolically releasing all those things that once were life to me but now were just piles of deadness that had outstayed their time. I kindly thanked the dead leaves for their contribution in the circle of life and released them to the earth once again, to be reborn in another form.

What I find is that sometimes it is hard to release things that once gave you joy, such as clothes that are outdated or even old cosmetics that you just might use one day. I have a tendency to take them out of the drawers or closets and put them in a box under the house, just in case. It seems easier than the permanency of the county dump.

What I am learning is that it is also that way in the Spirit realm. I have this basket of knowledge compiled over the years, and I have a tendency to hold onto all of it, just in case I might want to use it one day. I hold onto old patterns, old beliefs, old dreams, and keep them all in my "basket" of things I know and things I can do, in case one day the Post Office fails to support me financially and I want to earn a living doing what I love the most, getting messages from Spirit.

What I am learning is, however, that it is time to release things that no longer give me joy. In the physical realm it may be things that I may have paid a lot of money for but never used or enjoyed. In the Spirit realm it may be things that I just didn't "get", even though everyone around me seemed to love. It may be things steal my precious time, but are no longer life to me.

The biggest thing I am learning while I am on the "death" position on the medicine wheel is that if I don't allow things to die that have outlived their time, then they will suffer, as will I. People get stuck in this position by not allowing things in their life that have outlived their usefulness to move on. If we think that our lives have to go in a certain way, and that way is not falling into place, or if it seems like we keep trying and trying to make something happen and it is not happening, maybe you need to let it die.

This seems significant as we move into this time when many celebrate the Easter holiday. Some celebrate the newness of spring, and some remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. In both cases, something had to die in order for the new life to be reborn. It is a process we all have to go through.

Just for today, think of something in your life that may have outlived its time. It may be an old pair of jeans, or it may be a habit, or a way of thinking or behaving. It may be a belief system. If we hold onto things in our lives that have outlived their times, we end up with a corpse in our living room. I remember recently having a dream of grossly conjoined twins, and in the dream I wondered why the mother was so insistent on artificially keeping these twins alive, when they would never have a productive or even conscious life.

Let us set aside those things that are holding us back so that we can be reborn and with joy embrace our lives and our destinies.

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