Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Bug

Once again my experience came to me while meditating in the park. I was sitting near a cluster of purple flowers extended onto long stems that swayed in the breeze. I felt a magnificent presence in the particular spot where I had chosen to tune in and I wanted to see if it was human or Angelic or possibly elemental.

After only a few seconds of tuning into the energies around me, with my eyes closed I noticed that I suddenly felt like I was swaying up and down and up and down. In front of me I noticed long stems from flowers but interestingly enough they were huge! I felt like my eyes were very large like those photos you see of aliens. I wondered at first if I could be connecting with an alien! I noticed that I could see from a larger perspective than normal. My peripheral vision seemed to have extended way beyond what is normal for me. However, what I noticed most of all was the swaying. In a few moments I realized I had connected with a bug! I initiated conversation with this bug. Knowing that bugs do not understand English, I know that the bug could sense the feeling of the thoughts I was trying to communicate. My first inclination was to ask what kind of bug it was, but I felt the impression of his thoughts to mine that bugs do not understand names or distinctions like we humans do. He just knew what he was and he was okay with that knowledge. I instantly was impressed with the feeling that there was peace in his existence. He did not fear being eaten by a bigger bug. He just accepted life as it was offered to him and enjoyed the moment of swaying in the breeze on the petal of a small flower.

I could not leave him without asking him if he wouldn't mind talking to the mosquito cousins of his and seeing if they could stop their incessant attacks on my skin. Yes I realize he doesn't understand names but he felt the essence of my request and he told me he would see what he could do.

I realize that there is no hierarchy in the reality of life. A bug's existence is just as important as we think we are. It is all relative. As I came back to myself and felt my feet standing on the ground beneath me I couldn't help but wonder if in reality I was just a bug on some leaf somewhere and that this world I lived in was really just a small piece of a larger existence and if beings larger than myself ever gazed at me and wondered at my small life.

I have noticed since my connection with this little creature that I have suffered less from bug bites. Maybe my request truly was heard. I have connected with the small creatures in the past and made requests, some of which were answered with a yes and some with a no, which I have written about in the past. Sometimes maybe they just want us to see life through their eyes, or maybe they would like to see life through ours. I wonder.......when I was connecting with this bug and seeing life through his eyes if maybe he was looking at life through mine. What a different connection that must have been.

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