Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Me to the Light

Recently my husband and I and a few friends visited  a historical site in Clearsprings Md.   A beautiful large estate on an expansive property, this house was built in the 1830's. It has a rich history and I felt honored to visit. Beautifully decorated with many period antiques, I immediately sensed a great deal of non physical energy there. At first I was not sure whether the energy was attached to the property or possibly the antique furniture. Most of the time I felt that the energy was content, but on occasion I would happen upon a very sad feeling. The feeling seemed to move from room to room. I started feeling the sadness in the dining room. Not a person who cries, I almost felt the urge to burst into tears. Not verbalizing this feeling at first, I wandered around the rest of the house from room to room. On occasion I would run into this feeling again, but I noticed if I verbalized the feeling of sadness or tried to pick up on its origin, it would quickly dissipate.

The opportunity came later to attempt to connect with the soul with whom this feeling of sadness rested. I connected with a young girl, possibly a teenager, who had come to visit the family who owned the property at some point in the past. I picked up from the connection with her that either before or during her visit here she had become pregnant which was not acceptable in this time period and especially because the father was African American. I was not sure if the act was consensual but I felt like it was. She had apparently stayed at this location until the birth of the baby and then sent home. She never got to see the baby or know any details of his life after that time. Apparently this traumatic experience had left a portion of her soul stuck in this house grieving the loss of her youth and her child. When I connected with her I assured her that there was no judgement coming from me or anyone else in the group and that we understood and felt her pain. This seemed to help. At first her energy kept coming and going and I would have to continually have to try to reconnect with her. I felt like she probably suffered from a lot of guilt and shame. After sending her the energy of love and light, I lost the connection but I hoped that she had gone to the "light"......

Later I was in the basement with another woman who mentioned that the last time she was in the basement her and another girl had picked up on their recorders......"help me to the light"......She mentioned that the energy felt better now than it had that night and I felt like maybe the voice was the voice of the young girl with whom we had connected. I mentioned that I would like to know if we had indeed helped her. I lost contact with her energy before I knew whether she had been helped or not. Immediately I felt her energy tell me that yes, she had found the light and that her son was there to greet her. She was extremely happy and grateful for the help. We walked through the house again and did not feel the feelings of sadness anywhere in the house that time.

It always feels good to help a fellow traveler through this maze we call life. Whether in body or in spirit, sometimes pieces of our souls get stuck in traumatic events. I am not saying that this girl I connected to was a "ghost", but the energy of this trauma and the emotions surrounding it had left an impression in the house. At least a portion of her soul was stuck here and needed to be released to the "light". Is this light "heaven?" I don't know. When she died was her soul stuck wandering around this earth and she somehow ended up here where this piece of her past "haunted" her? This I don't know either. I am thinking that sometimes pieces of our souls get stuck in events that are charged with emotion. We may die, cross over, even reincarnate, but a piece of our essence is "stuck" in this emotionally charged event. I am thinking that if I am able to bring healing and light to this part of a girl who suffered a trauma and cross her over into the "light", that maybe that portion of her soul that got left behind gets reunited with the part of her that crossed over when she died. Who knows. None of us knows. I am just guessing. I do know that when her soul came back and thanked me for the help I felt such joy as if all the Angels were celebrating. That is all that matters.

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