Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Incident in the Park

There is a fitness trail at the park which I have visited for many years. One portion of it runs very near some wooded areas, which have always made me feel uncomfortable. When I am running, I usually run quickly by this area. Until today it had never occurred to me to visit those wooded areas in my spirit body and see what was going on there.

Upon entering the area in my spirit body, I immediately knew that there had been at least one rape here. I felt a portion of the soul of at least one victim and at least one perpetrator. My normal response would have been to immediately go to the soul of the victim to offer healing first without a thought for the soul of the perpetrator, but I knew as a healer I must offer healing to both victim and perpetrator. Surprisingly, it was the soul of the perpetrator that first made contact. A portion of his soul was stuck here, feeling guilt and shame and yet at the same time helpless to change his behavior or find retribution. I knew that I must offer him the choice to feel love and light. His vibration at the time of the incident had attracted a low vibration spirit which had almost overcome him, making him helpless to act any other way but the way he had acted. The first thing I did was to offer him help and healing and show him the light of love. Apparently he had never been offered love before. He immediately embraced the light and the Angels took this portion of this soul into the light.

The soul of the victim was stuck there as well, but, not knowing for sure whether she was still living or not, I asked her if she wanted to return her oversoul. She was afraid that the incident would repeat itself and was unwilling to go back. I then asked the Angels to hold this portion of the victim's soul in their arms until the union could take place.

I felt the need to send loving energy all around the park as I made my way around the track, and at one point, my spirit guide the Crow came to me. Crow told me that a portion of his soul had witnessed the event and had repeatedly called out for help as the event occurred, and that its soul had been wounded in the attack as well, from feeling powerless to intervene. This surprised me, but immediately I sent love and healing energy to the Crow and any other creatures that had been nearby when the event occurred. I also felt the need to send healing energy into the land, and to extract any low energies of violence which had seeped into the ground.

I asked the Spirit of the Park if the healing work was complete, and she indicated that it was much improved. Upon my last visit around the portion of the trail that bordered the injured area, I noticed that the energy was much lighter. There were squirrels playing and a flock of birds frolicking around the area. I had not noticed any creatures playing around my first two times close to the edge of the woods. I asked for a sign from the Spirit of the Park that the work was complete, and within a few seconds a Crow landed in a tree within a few feet of me crowing incessantly.  This was the closest I had ever gotten to a Crow. I took this as a sign that the healing had taken effect and I thanked my Guides and Angels and the Spirit of the Park for their assistance and also for the idea of sending healing energy into this portion of the park. I am hoping that others in this area will visit the park and send loving energy into the wooded areas to seal the healing.

It amazes me to think that I have been walking or running this trail for twenty years or more and it just now occurred to me to send healing energy to the portion of the trail that has always made me feel uneasy. It just shows me that the urges from Spirit are always there, we are just not always listening.

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