Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Crowded World We Live In

In my last blog I wrote about a dream I had about going to the beach and for some reason we had taken along a lot of people I did not know. I wrote that I had decided the dream was about clutter, having things in my  life that were keeping me from enjoying myself. So apparently the message the Angels are trying to send me has not yet been resolved. Two days later, another dream of crowds of people, many of which I do not know. This time I was helping my daughter move, and so many people showed up to help that there were car loads of people everywhere. The street in front of her house and the driveway were filled with cars and people everywhere. Some I knew, some I did not. In this dream I did recognize that some of the people were relatives. There was an aunt and uncle who both recently passed, and all their living children and grandchildren. We were all happy to see each other, and everyone was busy visiting and also helping with the move.

Whenever I have similar dreams with similar scenarios I try to take notice. Why in the world am I dreaming about large crowds of people? I remember at one point in the dream the phone rang and it was my mother. I realized in the dream that my mother had passed so how could she be calling on the phone?

The thought occurs to me that we are all connected. I am connected in some way to the clerk at the grocery store, to every person I wait on at the Post Office, to the living, to the dead, to every person with whom I have ever had any interaction at all. When I write a blog and someone reads it, I am connected to the person who reads it and they are connected to me. When I go on vacation or help my daughter move, and I write about it in a blog, or I dream about it and write it in a blog, then every person who reads the blog for a moment is connected to me. Every person I connect with who is no longer in their physical body is connected to me for the moment that I am interacting with them. Then if I happen to write about an interaction with that person, and someone reads it, then that person who is no longer in body is connected to the person who is reading about them in my blog. If I talk about someone or make fun of them, then the thoughts I think and the words I say affect that person in a great way and they don't know where that energy came from. Both the words I say and the thoughts I think affect my world around me but it also affects the people who I talk about and the people who I talk to......wow....no wonder I am dreaming about crowds and crowds of people.

This should make us mindful of the words we speak and the thoughts we think. If every thought we think is a prayer, imagine what we are praying for!! No wonder so many of us find ourselves in so much drama. And if we think or speak of things repeatedly, that gives them even more power.

Just for today, I am going to try to focus my thoughts of others in a positive way. I am going to imagine that my interactions with others are all positive and enjoyable. That makes my life better and possibly their lives better as well. Try it. If we all attempt to make our interactions and our thoughts of others positive, think how we can raise the vibration of our world? We are living in a crowded world. We may as well enjoy each other's company.

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