Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where's the Joy?

In case you haven't noticed I have taken a couple of weeks off from posting blogs. I am not saying that I have not been receiving any messages from the Other Realms but the messages I have been receiving have been for specific people and specific circumstances, not for general information or for inspiration from which we all can benefit.  I have received some signs that the Angels have not forgotten about me and are still around ( I need that kind of thing and I guess They know that).

This week while vacationing at the beach a white feather just kind of fluttered down from the sky and landed at my feet. Granted, I was sitting outside. Granted, there were seagulls flying overhead. Yes, I understand that the chances of a feather fluttering down were not all that unusual. However, I will mention that during a previous vacation at the beach one of those wonderful seagulls decided to take that moment to relieve himself of his dinner on my head. I also took that as a sign of what was going on in my life at that time. This time I got a feather. I take that as a sign that all is well this time and that the Angels are close by and looking out for me and my family as we vacation at the beach.

It was interesting to me what my emotions were doing this time as we vacationed at the beach. In my own personal life all seems to be well but I struggle to help my daughter through a difficult time in her life. I am not sure if it was this that weighed on my heart or maybe I was picking up on the emotions of the general public. But it seems to me I had to remind myself that I was in fact on vacation at the beach and that all was well. I seemed to frequently be picking up on some sadness in or around me. I am not sure from where that was coming.  I am sure it was not coming from me.  Frequently I had to check in with my soul and go to that place where the joy resides. I had to continually send back the energies of sadness to their source and tap into that place of joy.

I have read that the past month has contained within it the intense frequencies of change resulting from three eclipses and the full and the new moon. Apparently this past month has been a cornucopia of intense energies. Yes I have felt that. And no, I am not so evolved that I have had clear communications from the Other Side as to how to interpret the intense emotions I have been experiencing. Yes. I am forty eight years old and it is possible I am just in the throes of peri -menopause as my husband suggests. Or maybe it is some thing else.

This is what I suggest. In those times where emotions are running rampant and especially for those of us who feel the emotions of others especially when we are in large groups of people:  go to your happy place!! Breathe deeply!! Remind yourself that all is well. Find that place inside of you where the joy resides and tap into it. No I do not know why on this particular vacation to the beach I could not seem to get away from that feeling of sadness. But this is what I did. I sent those feelings of sadness back to their Source and tapped into that place inside of me that is pure joy. I chose to feel the joy and experience  the joy. I chose to disconnect from the people that I could possibly be picking up feelings of discontent or sadness. I did not deny that the sadness existed. I just chose to tap into the feelings of joy instead. It is a choice!!

I guess this is my sentiment for the day. Sometimes we may be in the most ideal of circumstances. In my case, my favorite place in the world is at the beach. But for some reason, I felt sadness. I am sure I was picking up on some sort of emotions coming from someone around me, possibly someone I know, but maybe someone I do not know. I am sorry that I was not able to determine who that person was and I was not able to assist them. Sometimes I can help. Sometimes I can't. But my job was to get to my happy place. I cannot be everything to everyone. I needed a vacation. I had to send those emotions away in order to enjoy my vacation. And that's okay too, Getting to that place of joy is what is most important. That is what changes our life for the better. I have gotten pretty good at finding that place of joy within me and the emotions of others seem to disappear. There is a time when I am able to tap into those emotions and assist those in need. And sometimes I just need to sit by the water in the sun and enjoy myself. Both  are equally important.

To those of you who are sensitive to the emotions of others and sometimes find yourself feeling a conflicting emotion from the one you expected to feel, take heart!! Just choose to feel differently! You are allowed to send those lower emotions away and feel joy instead!! Just tap into that place inside of you where joy resides and invite her in!!

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