Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It seems that recently Spirit has decided to communicate with many people that I know through dreams. I have myself had some pretty vivid dreams and I have been contacted by several people with dreams for which they were asking guidance. I wanted to cover some common dream scenarios and what they often mean.

One that I heard recently was a nightmare involving a vehicle crash where the dreamer was driving between two tractor trailers which were about to collide with her in the middle. She was able to maneuver herself out of harms way only to return to the scene finding the drivers of the other two vehicles dead. This seems like a bad omen and seems to indicate some sort of tragedy in which she herself survives but by the skin of her teeth. On further examination of her situation at this point in her life, however, it could indicate that she is worried about her path in life. Dreams of cars and situations that happen in the waking world as well usually indicate areas of a person's life involving their path in life. She may be feeling stuck in the middle of two very large situations that seem to be hindering her moving forward on her path in life. The dream indicates that she is resourceful and will be able to maneuver herself out of harms way and get back on her path, but not without casualties. It could also indicate the death of some very large obstacles in her life, which is a good interpretation. Time will tell which interpretation rings true in her life.

Dreams of losing pieces of the dreamers identification, like wallets and keys often indicate a change in the way the person identifies themselves. They may start to see themselves differently or make a significant change in their identity. This also may be a sign in a person's waking life when they lose keys or wallets. Right before my husband moved out of his apartment when we were still dating, he locked himself out of his apartment three times in one week. I told him that Spirit was telling him that he was going to be moving soon. That turned out to be the case. At the beginning of my decision to make public my ability to hear from Spirit, I lost my work keys with my id badge on it several times. I was able to locate it without much difficulty, but it was my sign from the Universe that I was going to be identifying myself in a different way than just a Postal employee. But I digress.

Last night I dreamed that I received a package in the mail addressed to myself and my sister. When I opened the package there were multiple bottles of vitamins inside and I kept reaching my hand back into the package and every time I did there was something else in the bag. There were new articles of clothing and more vitamins. My sister lives in another state so in the dream it did not indicate why the article was addressed to the both of us but at face value it seems to indicate that good stuff is coming our way, things that will nourish us as well as clothe us. The clothing articles were mostly sweaters and my sister lives in Florida so I am not sure she could use the sweaters but it could indicate that we would be wrapped in warmth. It could have been a message from Mom telling us that she is sending us thoughts of warmth and nourishment.

When interpreting dreams, the dreamer is the most proficient in interpreting any particular dream scenario. Dreams of water could be comforting for some but horrifying for others. One person might love dogs so a dream of a dog could be a dream of a constant companion or an unconditional friend, but someone else may have been attacked by dogs so a dream of dogs could be a dream of being attacked or violated.

I was reading recently that the best way to counteract a bad dream is to recreate it in your conscious mind, allow yourself to feel the emotions it brings up and then release it into the Universe. Maybe this will interfere with the dream scenario occurring in your waking life. If you experience the event and allow yourself to work through the emotions that it brings forth, then the Universe will be satisfied that you have experienced the event and the actual event will be laid to rest as if it had occurred. Something to think about.

It is a good idea to record your dreams and refer back to them at some point in the future. Sometimes we are surprised to find that our dreams tell us many things that we don't understand at the time but may be significant later. At one point in my life every time someone died that I was somewhat close to I dreamed of a baby falling in a pool or a lake. Usually within a week someone died. If I had not paid attention to my dreams I would not have made the association. Luckily I haven't had that dream in awhile.

Many times our dreams help us work on issues we seem to be having trouble with in our waking lives. Many times I wake up exhausted, because in my waking life I am constantly going going going. I seem to continue that in my sleep. Pay attention to any recurring patterns in your dreams. Pay attention to what the reoccurring issues are. These are probably issues you need to work on in your waking life.

Remember our dreams often teach us lessons about ourselves. As we learn our lessons, our dreams will change themes. We are constantly on a learning curve.

Happy dreaming!!

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