Thursday, April 7, 2011

Encounter at Work

On Saturday mornings I can usually be found at the Post Office where I work, mindlessly weighing parcels and sorting mail for our business customers. This past Saturday morning was no exception. It was early and normally I am alone in the area of the Post Office where I am steadily at work. However, at a particular moment in time, I felt a presence in my work area that made himself known to me by that familiar "change" in the atmosphere and the signals that I have become aware of in my body to let me know I am not alone. My heart rate increased and the "veil" that normally separates me from the other realms seemed to be lifted.

I was made aware that my Spirit Guide who makes himself known to me as my Shaman Guide was "standing" beside me. Sometimes he appears to me in full "Shaman" apparel, with feathers and a type of walking stick which I am sure has some significant name but of which I am unaware. Sometimes he appears to me as one of my power animals. At this moment he was wearing his feather headdress that maybe he wears just so that I will recognize him. He indicated to me that I was being initiated into a different realm. It felt like to me that I had been walking in one type of climate and then I walked through this invisible curtain and then immediately I was walking in a completely different climate. It felt like one moment I was in Winchester, Virginia and then the next moment I was somewhere else completely, although I am unaware of where that location was. My body was still standing inside the Post Office weighing parcels but my soul entered into this "other" place.

The message that I got was that sometimes we may come into contact with an idea or a revelation that is not in harmony with where our soul is at that particular moment in time. We may discount this idea as hogwash or we may not understand it or we may just "forget" it. What is happening is that our souls are vibrating at a particular frequency that is not in range with this "idea". It is like a dog hearing a dog whistle that is completely out of range for human ears. Over the course of time as our soul grows we may come into contact with this "idea" again. This time our soul "jumps" because our soul has changed frequency and now resonates with this new level of revelation. It is almost like when we hear ideas at a particular time in our lives we almost don't even hear them until our soul has grown enough to hold the frequency of the new ideas.

What happens when our soul changes frequency is that things in our lives change. We are living our lives in a completely different frequency now and we are viewing our lives from this new point of view. All the stuff that was in our lives that vibrated at the old frequency may not like this new frequency. We may have the urge to change something. Maybe we may move our furniture around in the house or get rid of stuff we used to like or maybe change our style of dressing. We may buy some new stuff and get rid of old stuff. Our relationships may change.

This change in frequency may happen without our conscious knowledge. One day we may wake up and feel different but may not understand why. It is almost like that old movie "Back to the Future." Something changed and all of a sudden it changed our reality as we understand it.

The message was to embrace the change. Flow with it and don't fight it. It is a good change. I will not have to work hard to implement the change.

If you find yourself all of a sudden wanting to change the way you dress or the food you eat or the furniture in your house, if all of a sudden you don't like the same kind of activities, don't fret. You are just going through a change in your frequency. It is all okay. Embrace the change.

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