Thursday, April 14, 2011

Visitor in the Park

On Sunday it was a nice day and my husband and I decided to take a walk in the park. Our park has near it an historical site where there is a garden and lots of trees and bushes. Walking around I was able to connect with many nature spirits there and feel their energy. They were happily enjoying the warm sunny day as I was. However as I walked through a man-made garden I sensed the spirit of a man there walking around. As I have mentioned before I prefer connecting with guides and angels and even nature spirits rather than human spirits but my husband encouraged me to connect with him. He was dressed in blue trousers and a knee length coat. He had grey hair and a beard. I asked him his name and he told me his name was Randolph. I am not sure if Randolph was a first name or a last. He told me that he used to be a train conductor while alive and visited Winchester often although it was not his home. There is an old train stop somewhat nearby so I can see that he may have visited this particular area if there was any delays in his travels with the trains. Then he told me that he had had a mistress in Winchester and often stayed over here. He found the town refreshing and he had many lovely memories here and that is why he had chosen to visit here.

A lot of times we assume that when there are spirits of men or women in a place that they are stuck here or have not crossed over. I do not believe this to be the case. He seemed very friendly and at peace with himself and I think he was just having a fond memory which transported him to this place. This leads me to the thought that perhaps on the other side when we have a fond memory that our thoughts can transport us to a location in another realm and we are able to experience the energy of that place once again. It makes perfect sense to believe that if in this earth plane we can visualize and eventually create the reality we desire here then on the other side that is also possible, only on a more immediate scale. Who knows if perhaps we can think of a place or even a loved one and we are instantly transported there? On occasion someone on this side might sense the energy and be able to connect, even if just for a moment.

There is a verse in the Bible that states that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. It could be that our loved ones and ancestors on the other side can connect with our earth plane and do so often, especially when we are thinking about them or talking about them. Native Americans are very sure of this and it is part of their religious views. On more than one occasion I have been reprimanded by my mother from the other side for retelling a story or two which she may not want retold. Of course there is no way to verify my theory and say that it is fact. It is just my theory, but one that is held by many people.

Thanks to Randolph for the connection. Thanks to mom for continuing to keep me in line and connect with me. Thanks to all the energy, seen and unseen that keeps me company every day and makes life so interesting...

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