Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Uncovering Hidden Pieces of the Past

Recently my husband and I were driving through the historic district of our downtown Winchester area where we live and my husband noticed that despite the recent renovations in the area, there were pieces of the newly paved streets which had cracked and the old bricks that once were used to cover the streets in times past had begun to show through the cracked pavement. It was interesting to see a piece of the past seeping into the present.

I am reminded of how past, present, and future layers itself one of top of the other. The earth we walk on today was once walked on by our ancestors, and the lives they lived sometimes seep through. There are many instances where it is reported that witnesses will view an event happening or sense an impression of something that may have actually happened many years before. This has been termed an "imprint". Many times this occurs in a place where a very emotional or heart wrenching event may have occurred, and the emotion of the event left an impression that seems to replay itself over and over.

We can also relate this to our own lives. How many times do past events seep into our present lives and color the events we currently experience? If we were treated badly by a parent, for example, are we reliving the event over and over again in our current relationships? Are we expecting to be neglected or abused in our connections with others because we came to expect it in our earlier relationships with someone important to us?

I am reminded of a house I once visited where I picked up on an event that occurred in the house in the late 1800's or early 1900's in which a mother lost a child and spent a great deal of time grieving over the loss of her child. This was validated by research, but it turned out that the current occupant of the house had in fact lost two children of her own at a young age as well. In this case the grieving spirit of the current occupant was somehow attracted to live in a house where a similar event had occurred many years before.

Is there a way to resolve these issues that seem to lie dormant in the recesses of our unconscious? Yes!

The first step is to admit that, yes, under the pavement of our consciousness there is a collection of "bricks" that actually forms a foundation for who we are. These bricks individually cry out to us to be recognized and valued for the contribution they have made to the evolution of our soul. As each brick peers out from the cracks in the pavement which we have worked so hard to pour over the path to our own soul, we need to thank each experience, each person, each event for the contribution that was made and welcome this piece of ourselves home. Whatever we run from or try to pave over will continually repeat itself in our present experience until we acknowledge and welcome it into our current experience.

I like to imagine myself standing in front of a cosmic mirror. The mirror represents what my Higher Self feels is ready to be revealed and subsequently healed. Whatever shows up in this mirror I acknowledge and recognize as part of who I am. I welcome this part of myself or this event from my past and thank it for its contribution and the lessons I learned from it.

Always remember that pieces of the past come and reveal themselves to us for a reason. It is important to recognize the lessons we can learn form the past, perhaps give some sort of closure to an event so the consciousness contained within it can find resolution.

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