Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Miracle

A few days ago I was given an assignment to put out the intention into the Universe that every day I would notice a miracle. The first one was easy. I saw a very large and very bright shooting star that lit up the sky for several seconds. The second miracle I wrote about simply stated was that even though while we are asleep our souls travel to many different planes of existence, our soul still seems to find its way back into our body each morning and we wake up, safe in our beds.

This morning I had gotten up, as is my habit, exercised, then went outside to water my backyard full of flowers. I was wondering about what my miracle for today would be when I had a flashback memory of several years ago. I went through many difficult times when I wondered where I would find money to buy groceries or pay rent. I would ask my Higher Powers to send me a sign that They hadn't forgotten about me. At some point I had asked the Mother Goddess to send me a flower in an unusual way. I remember how one day I came home from work and the cactus which I had had for years that had never bloomed suddenly was filled with blooms. One time I found a tulip blooming out in the yard when I had not planted any tulips and I had been living at this location for quite some time. One time I was at Food Lion and the cashier gave me a carnation out of an arrangement that she had for sale at the counter.

So this morning I was watering my whole backyard full of flowers and I remembered that I had not asked the Mother Goddess for a flower in quite some time. However, I did notice that in a group of petunias, one of them was a complete different color than all the rest. I thanked the Mother Goddess that I had not needed any reassurance lately. I sleep in a comfy bed every night, I never wake up hungry, I never wonder how I am going to pay my rent. I realized at that moment that my miracle for today was that I did not need a miracle.

How did I get from there to here? I got up and went to work every day. I changed the things within myself that needed to be changed. I focused on the good stuff and not the bad stuff. I eliminated the things in my life that were not healthy for me, emotionally, physically, and financially. Eventually I made to where I am today, content with my life and watering a whole backyard full of flowers. This is my miracle today.

But it does not end there. After I had written all this down and thanked the Mother Goddess for showing me my miracle, my husband came home from work with a bouquet of flowers for me. No reason. Unexpected. I had not told him my miracle for today.

There could not be a day better than this.

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