Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As many of you know who follow my blog, I receive messages from Angels and Guides which I, in turn, write down and post them in my blogs. I recently compiled months of blogs into a book which I published. I wanted to share some recent experiences that I have had and some personal messages to give an idea of the kind of things that I receive when I have tuned into Spirit.

Recently I was with a girl who is very in tune with Spirit. She receives many impressions of past events from antiques that she has touched or places that she visits. She also has dreams of past events in familiar locations which she visits. I was spending some time with her and we were horseback riding in a rural location near Winchester where we live. She would take me to spots where she has felt strong emotions and asked me if I felt anything. In one location where we stopped I felt some Native American connection with the land but, as I had mentioned in a previous blog, many times events layer themselves one upon another. Our land has existed for thousands of years and sometimes we may pick up an event on a particular location that is layered upon something that happened in that exact spot many years before. I felt when we were in a particular rural location that a baby had been born there, maybe not only once but twice. The one time I picked up on was perhaps a Native American birth, which would probably been a normal event in this location, because Native Americans were very connected to the land they inhabited and giving birth in a wooded area might have been a frequent event. However, I also picked up on another birth, probably more recent and not as happy or normal an event as the first impression. I picked up on a young girl, probably a teenager, in the more recent past, perhaps the 1940's or so, when teenagers giving birth out of wedlock was not an acceptable practice. She had come to this rural area to give birth. I was not able to pick up on whether mother or child survived the event, but I did feel that it was a very traumatic event for both. The Spirits of the land that I had sensed let me know that they cradled both mother and child during the time of their tragic event at that particular location. Of course there is no way to validate the events that I sensed there, but the friend that I was with had sensed a sadness in the same area.

We traveled a little farther and we stopped at another location where my young friend had sensed some strong emotions and even had a dream of the particular location. She asked me if I had sensed anything there and after spending a moment tuning into the energy there I sensed four or five Confederate soldiers, with one or perhaps more of them wounded. I sensed them sitting around a campfire, nursing their wounds. I didn't know how they had gotten separated from their company, if by choice or by chance. My friend told me after I related my impressions that she had had a dream of the same location, with four or five Confederate soldiers, at least one of them wounded, with a Bible covered with blood. Once again there is no way to document or validate the impressions we had gotten, except for the coincidence of having the same impressions of the location. Curiously, the horse my friend was riding, after we had stopped to chat, absolutely refused to venture forward on the path after our conversation. We had to turn around and go a different way. Animals tend to be very spiritually sensitive, and I mused that probably as we conversed we had drawn an audience, perhaps the very soldiers we were talking about. It seems that we humans, whether living or dead, love to hear what people are saying about us.

Another friend was relating to me that, although she had lived in her "new" house almost two years, that she had not had any desire to unpack or even to hang pictures on the wall or decorate in any way. Now, after two years, she had decided to go through all the things she had left packed in boxes, and decide whether or not to keep them or to discard them. I was able to help her to see that her new home represented her soul. She was going through a change in how she viewed herself, just as she had gone through a change in her living arrangements. She had left her walls in her new home empty until she discovered who she really was. Her soul had been empty for a time, just as the walls in her new home had remained bare. Now that she was discovering who she was as a person, she would begin to discover what items from her past still spoke to her and which ones she really loved, and which items to discard. Just as she would be discarding many items that had decorated her old home and finding new things that she loved to decorate her new home, in the same way she would be discarding things from her past and keeping some things she really loved, and that the empty places in her heart would soon be filled with what she really loved.

The most important thing to remember is that all of life is a metaphor. We can find messages in our every day lives to give us clues as to what lessons our soul is ready to teach us. In the first two examples we can learn that imprints in physical locations give us clues to events that have occurred in those locations. We can assist the spirits that have gotten stuck there to move on, or we can learn that every event of our lives never really goes away.

In the story of the friend and her new house, we can learn that the things we experience in our daily life is a parable of the lessons we are meant to learn at this stage in our journey. All we have to do is tune in to what Spirit is trying to tell us.

In the story of the young girl giving birth in the woods, we learn that we are never alone. We can never hide and there is always Someone watching. Someone will feel our pain and someone will find out our secrets.

My hope is that in some way someone reading will realize that they are not alone. Maybe someone who has a secret will realize that they don't really have a secret. Someone is going to find out. Someone is going to feel your pain. Even the walls in your house have a story to tell. All we have to do is listen.

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