Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aunt Mabel

Last night I dreamed my Aunt Mabel called and wanted me to come up for a visit. I was checking my schedule and trying to find a weekend when I could take off and go visit. The dream was a little more involved but after waking up I remember that Aunt Mabel just passed a couple of months ago. I wondered if she was trying to contact me.

So this morning I got on my treadmill and put on my drumming cd and tried to contact Aunt Mabel. She came through right away. I am always surprised when my family members come through, because they're all Pentecostals and don't really believe in this sort of thing. Mom has contacted me many times and she says her perspective changed after she crossed over and she saw things a little differently. I guess maybe after they cross over they don't all think I am as crazy as they thought when they were alive.

Anyway, back to Aunt Mabel. She said she was happy on the other side, but she missed her family. Family was everything to her. She was relatively happy with her life, but her family was most important. She sees her family from time to time from where she is, and always wants the best for them.

She said that she admits that a lot of the family questioned my choices. They all thought I was a bit off my rocker, but now that she has a different perspective from the other side, she is proud of me. She and mom were both cheering me on, and sometime if I wanted to tackle cumpa ( a Norwegian dish mom and her were famous for ) they would help me. Not that they wouldn't have a little disagreement about technique.

When I looked up into the spirit realm and saw her and mom standing there looking in on me, I could see a number of my Guides and Angels also standing around giving bits and pieces of advice as well. Aunt Mabel said, yes, there were a lot of Guides there with me, and that I should not worry so much. Let things come to me. She also told me that as a sign that it was really her, she was letting me know that a family member would be contacting me soon. Hmmm.....since it is unlikely that any of my family members on that side read my blog, we will see. The perspective of time is a bit different on the other side, so it could be awhile before I get a visit, but she says someone is going to run across my book at some point. (no I did not send a copy to any family member except my dad and my sister and my daughter).

Thanks for the visit, Aunt Mabel. It was nice talking to you.....

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