Monday, August 30, 2010

some messages

Previously I have written about how Spirit sends us signs to give us direction or teach us lessons about ourselves. All we have to do is look, listen, and pay attention for the signs to appear. Sometimes they are so obvious that we miss them.

Recently a friend came over and she was relating to me the message she had gotten from her car. Her car has (or had) a habit of occasionally not starting. Her mechanic told her that it was a problem in the communication between the electrical part and the mechanical part of her car. She said it seemed to only act up when she had plans to come and visit me, so she had asked herself what message her car was trying to relate to her relative to her relationship with me. She related the electrical part of her car to her spirit and the mechanical part to her ego. She said that she realized that her spirit was ready to go, ready to move forward with her life and go, but the mechanical part, her ego was resisting. When she realized the message and was able to address the ego part of her that was comfortable with the status quo, then she knew that her car would cease to give her problems. Sure enough, she was able to start the car and come over with no problems whatsoever this time.

That particular day my friend must have had a really clear connection with Spirit because she also was able to give me a message. She related to me that it was humorous of Spirit to give me a job at the Post Office, where it is my job to make sure people are able to connect with others and send messages from one place to another. Every day I am able to assist people in the sending and receiving of "messages" in the form of letters and packages. In the physical world I have been acting out for twenty two years what my spirit has been crying out to do for almost as long. It may be that now that I have realized the "message", my relationship with the Post Office may undergo a change. For years as I worked nights sorting mail with my hands, my mind was free to tune into Spirit and receive many messages. It has only been recently that I have begun to write the messages down and make them available to the public.

Another friend asked my assistance in finding some keys she had misplaced. I will be the first to admit that I am not adept at finding lost objects, but I am pretty good at discovering the significance of the lost object and the message it may contain. Keys represent our entrance or access into something that is locked. In this case the keys were work related, so I suggested to her that her relationship with her employer might be undergoing a change. With a minimal amount of effort, I was able to assist her in finding her keys, but not without a little bit of investigation on my part. I am thinking there may be some interaction with others necessary in relation to her job.

Spirit is really good at giving multiple signs until we get the message. If you notice a recurring event showing up in your life, there is a good chance that Spirit is trying to send you a message. Think of the event and what it may represent. When you find the message, there is a good chance that the event will change. Interpreting signs is fun. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The finished picture is wonderful, but putting it together is the fun part.

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