Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lost Objects

This week I have become aware of several people who have lost things that were precious to them and have consulted me, either directly or indirectly to find the lost objects. As many people know, I am a person who journeys into the non physical realms to find lost aspects of people's souls, so finding lost things should not be difficult to me. I don't claim to do these things on my own, of course, I am always accompanied by my Guides, Power Animals, and sometimes even my Angels.

I would like to relate the message that I received this week while attempting to connect with my Guides to inquire about the location of a couple of different lost objects.

Not always, of course, but many times we lose things that are valuable to us when we are getting ready to go through a change. Usually the lost object is in some way significant with the aspect of the change. Last year my husband lost his wallet, not once, but twice, and, although he insisted it was only because he was careless, I insisted that it signified a change in his identity. A wallet symbolizes who we are. It carries within it our identity, our means of exchange, our value. When a person loses a wallet it often signifies that a person is about to undergo a transformation in who they are as a person.

One acquaintance lost a baby book, carrying within it a letter from her grandmother, who had died when she was a child. Her mother had recently passed and her relationship with her mother was a bit strained, and she felt that maybe her mother had moved the baby book. I felt that, yes, the baby book came up missing because there were unresolved issues between her and her mother. I encouraged her to go to a place where her mother spent a lot of time, and talk to her mother as if she were there, because she would be, and tell her mother all the things she needed to say but never did.

Another request came to try to locate a ring that had been lost. My suggestion was to meditate on what emotions were attached to the ring. Who had given it to her? How was the relationship between her and the person who had given it to her? Or if it was not a gift but was monetarily valuable, how were her finances doing? Was she having issues with finances?

Sometimes we lose things that are valuable to us because Spirit is trying to send us a message. Sometimes our loved ones who have passed on will move things when they are trying to contact us, or because they may have an emotional attachment to an object. Sometimes if we are missing parts of ourselves our souls will send us a message through the avenue of lost objects. Many times if we deal with the emotional attachment then the lost object will magically reappear. Sometimes we may never find what we have lost. This may have significance as well, especially if Spirit is telling us that it is time to move on from a particular emotional attachment.

One time on the day I was getting ready to do a soul retrieval for a friend, I found three items in my house that I had previously lost. This was a message to me that I would be finding three aspects of my friends soul later that day. In this case the items that had been lost were not significant in themselves, but the number of items. That is why it is important to be sensitive to Spirit to tell us the significance of seemingly unimportant or unrelated events.

I guess the most important thing to remember in relation to lost things is that nothing ever stays the same. Sometimes we may find our lost objects, and sometimes we may not. There is nothing that is completely permanent, except for that things always change. The more we are resistant to change, the more it will come looking for us. The best we can do is embrace change and know that our Guides and Angels always have our best interests at heart, and whether we ever find our lost objects or not, there is a lesson in it for us. If we listen closely, we may find the real significance in the lessons that are there for us. Remember that nothing that is of real value can ever be lost, although our relationship with some people or things may change. As we embrace change, and release our attachment to things, we grow. Then the things that are really of value can show up in our lives.

Here's to change, and all that it entails!

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