Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soul Ties

I want to talk a little bit about soul ties. Soul ties are invisible strings or cords that hold you emotionally to another person. This person could be living or dead, but it is like an invisible umbilical cord in which that person's energy is flowing to you and your energy is flowing to them. Some soul ties are okay, such as between a couple or between a parent and child. However, even these soul ties can become unhealthy. It is unhealthy when a person's energy makes you feel tired or emotionally drained. An emotionally healthy person is secure in their own skin, not needing the emotional support of another person to feel whole. In unhealthy relationships, one or both of the people in the relationship is dependent on the other for emotional support, or to feel like a whole person.

How can you tell if you have soul ties with another person, especially if this person is no longer in relationship with you? Do you feel tired or emotionally drained for no reason? Do you have dreams of someone who, when you awake,make you feel anxious or sad or fearful? This is a good indication.

Last night I had a dream of an acquaintance and when I awoke I felt anxious and emotionally drained. I immediately knew that I had unconsciously allowed this person to attach soul ties to me. I envisioned this person in front of me and told them that this was unacceptable. I envisioned cutting the cords and I sent their energy back to them. This is relatively easy to do but at times some people may need help with this. If you try to do this yourself you will feel immediate relief after doing what I just described.

We all need each other, and I am not suggesting that we in any way are not to have connections with others. This is just a description of a solution when the ties between people become unhealthy, or even sometimes when there are unconscious cords between people and one of those people may not even be aware. As I said, sometimes the person is no longer even alive. Unhealthy soul ties will make you weak, anxious or even physically drained. It is important to release those ties so that you can live your life and be a whole person. Relationships are much more healthy when the people in the relationship are both emotionally healthy and do not feed off each others energy.

You will feel much more alive and present when you cut soul ties with people who are not in a positive place emotionally. You will still be able to interact with these people. But the emotional ties will be severed. The other person at first may not realize the difference but their soul will recognize it and you will notice a difference in your relationship with them. It is important not to allow the soul ties to reattach themselves and to fill the empty space where the soul ties once connected with love and light.

Remember that a healthy relationship with yourself is your most important asset. Your connections with others are dependent on your relationship with yourself.


  1. Thanks Joy I hope to use this great information to better my life!

  2. Wow... I can relate to this one!!!!