Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Angel in the Church

This past weekend I was asked to go out to a church where a good friend of mine plays the organ. It has been reported that a ghost inhabits the building and my friend wanted me to see if I could pick up on anything. She had had some experiences of lights shining in the windows where there was only a graveyard outside, shuffling of the hymnals in their homes behind each pew, shadows, and once she had an experience of the keys on the organ slamming down in unison while she was practicing. Although this is not my forte, I decided to go out and see what I could pick up.

Now anyone who knows me well will know that I am not a regular church attendee. My church is the earth and I find God in every plant, rock, and flower in my garden, in the songs that the birds sing, in the whispers from my Guides and Angels, and my prayers are the thoughts and meditations that I send out to the Heavens. However, I am not opposed to any rituals that bring a person closer to God, so it had been awhile since I had entered any church. I did not know what to expect, but, upon entering the church, I was filled with a calming sense of peace and love. I walked through the church and asked any entity which might reside there to send me some sort of message to let me know that they were there. I do regularly hear messages from Angels and Guides, and the Angel of this particular church is the one I was able to communicate with.

This particular church had a cornerstone which indicated that it was founded in the 1700's, so it had been around for quite awhile. I soon got the feeling that the Angel connected with this church had been looking out over the property for quite some time, perhaps since it was founded. I asked her whether there were any "ghosts" there.. ( I know Angels have no genders, but I am referring to "her" because my friend sensed the presence was female), but the answer I got was that it was in fact the Angel herself who had made her presence known to my friend and others on occasion. So in relating this to my friend, who turned out to be a little disappointed that I did not connect with any ghosts, I got the message that the time when the organ keys crashed down in unison was actually a warning from the Angel that it was time for her to leave. Perhaps there was some impending danger related to the fact that it was late and she was there alone.

What I have learned is that everything is not always as it appears. Just because a person experiences paranormal movement in a place does not automatically mean it is haunted. Sometimes maybe we need to consider the possibility that our Guides and Angels are very adept at making their presence known as well and it could be that they just want a little attention now and again. Of course someone more adept at picking up on humans who have passed on from this life may visit the same place and sense the presence of someone who I did not happen to connect with, and I am okay with this. I just know that when I was there I connected with the Angel associated with this location and she assured me that she is watching out for the place and has become very attached to it.

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