Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Moon, New Possibilities!

In a previous blog post, I shared how we sometimes interchange the terms "new moon" and "dark moon," however, originally, these were two different days. Originally, the dark moon was the night with no moon. Makes sense, right? And the new moon was a day or so later when that first little sliver of the "new" moon was visible. I have decided I like this way of labeling these particular phases, because they just make sense to me.

That being said, this weekend is the "dark moon" on Saturday, in Leo. This is a good week to really think about what aspects of your life experience you are ready to release. Write all those aspects down on a piece of paper, light a candle, put on some "mood" music and really get serious about letting some "stuff" go! Burn your paper in the candle, taking whatever necessary safety precautions are necessary, of course.

If you are really serious about letting go of some "stuff," do this ritual three times on three different days, the last day being Saturday, three being the magic number of manifestation! I like to dance around the candle or fire three times, counter clockwise! The third time, which should be on Saturday, the actual dark moon, you should dance around your fire nine times: nine being three times three!

You should really be good and cleansed by Sunday or Monday (depending on which calendar you look at), when that first sliver of a moon appears. Now you are ready to manifest!

Using the same ritual, now you are going to write down what things you want to bring into your life! Really connect with your heart and decide what is in your highest good according to your soul. Just wanting a new car or a new couch is not what I am talking about here.

Where does your soul want to go from here?

Are there other people involved in what you are trying to manifest?

Let's say, for example, you are getting a divorce, and you have small children. You, your ex, and your children, are all going to be affected by this decision, whether it was your decision or not. You might say something like this: 

I now ask and request of my (Higher Power, or My Soul) that this divorce be manifest in the best possible way and that everyone who is affected may benefit in some way. May all circumstances come together to bring the highest good for everyone concerned.

You will write this, or your own affirmation on a piece of paper three times, burn it in a candle or fire three times on three different days, dance around the fire, this time clockwise, three times, and the last day nine times.

Then, let it go.

Yes, that is right! You don't have to mull over it, think about it, visualize it, feel it, or any of that! Completely give it up to your Soul or your Higher Power or the Angels. Expect that it is taken care of. Expect results.

And don't go around bad mouthing your ex or complaining about any details or challenges you may face in the interim. 

Do you get my drift?

As you can see, rituals can be simple or extravagant. 

Intention is everything.

Of course, my hope is that you will tailor this ritual to fit your own personal agenda, plans, or intentions. Don't ever try to cross free will, and always ask for the highest good for everyone concerned.

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