Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dream Symbols

We all have experienced that crazy dream that woke us up in the middle of the night. We have all wondered,  "I wonder what that means?"

What is it about the dream state that brings up so many questions, fears, or anxiety?

Did you ever experience a dream that seemed to last all night, or, you woke from a vivid dream, and then resumed the dream once you fell back to sleep?

Some earth based tribes believe that our waking lives are the illusion, and our dream state is our real life.

I, however, follow a different train of thought, at least at this point in my journey.

Dreams are our souls working out what we seem to be experiencing in the "waking" state, via symbols.

Sometimes our dreams can foretell the future, but, more often, our dreams are trying to send us a message about what we are experiencing in our lives, and, maybe, send us some clues on how to resolve any outstanding issues.

Here are some common dream symbols:

1. cars or other forms of transportation... Cars represent our path through life. When we dream about our cars, or other forms of transportation, we are dreaming about how we are navigating our current path.

For example: Years ago, I found myself in an unhappy marriage, with no clue of how to make my life work, our finances work, or our marriage work. I had no idea how to get out of the situation I found myself in. I would frequently dream that I was in a car with no steering and no brakes. Symbolically, my dreams were acting out my inner feelings of not being in control of my destiny and not knowing any way to regain control.

If you have a dream about a car, take note of what is happening between you and the car.  Is the car running well, or is it out of control? Is it moving at the speed that you would like? Do you know where you are and how to get where you are going? When you contemplate your relationship to the car in your dream, you may gain some insight into your subconscious thoughts relating to your journey through life.

(hint: sometimes our real car sends us messages relating to our path as well! How is your relationship to your car? Does it mirror your relationship to  your path through life?)

2. Water:  water represents our emotions or our connection with Spirit (my word for our Higher Power, Source, God, the Divine..etc)

Are you in water over your head? You may be drowning in an emotional situation that is acting itself out in your dreams.

If you dream about water, take note of how much water there is, and what kind of water. Is the water clean or dirty?

One exception: I have found through experience that when I dream of a baby in water, there is usually a death in the family or someone that I know. Symbolically babies represent new beginnings, and water represents Spirit, so the message is that someone is about to embark upon a new beginning in the Spirit world.

3. Babies.. yes I just gave this one away. Babies represent new beginnings.

If you dream you are pregnant, don't worry. It probably isn't a literal dream. Symbolically you are creating something new in your life! Being pregnant or having a baby in a dream is a good thing!

Recently I dreamed I had a baby and I was going through the snow up and down hills in a big truck with  my husband trying to get to this very large castle on top of a hill. At some point I had to get out of the truck and slide down an icy hill to get away from the truck that had gotten stuck.

I interpret this to mean that the new things that I am beginning and the path that I am on will not come without obstacles to overcome. No journey worth taking is ever easy! However, I was glad that my husband was on the journey with me. I did not have to go it alone.

In my next blog I will list some more common dream symbols and their meanings! Stay tuned!

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Happy dreaming!


  1. Hi Joy Andreasen. You have a really interesting blog. Do have a look at our new blog which has stories inspired from our nightmares. Thank You.

  2. Thanks for checking me out, Anonymous! I like your blog as well! I have had the snake dream repeatedly. I plan on making it a future blog.