Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Journey to Joy

For the past two years or so, I have been working on my latest book, recounting my story of how I overcame my own religious upbringing and prejudices to discover myself and my calling as a Psychic Medium.

It has been a challenging, and yet, exhilarating journey so far!

Along the way, I have discovered, much to my surprise, that not everyone woke up in the same fashion as I did! And that's completely okay!

Finally, it's here!

As you can tell by the picture I chose for my front cover, the journey has not always been all love and light. Sometimes there have been some thunderstorms. Sometimes there have been some dark moments.

What I discovered along the way was that as much as I attempted to hide my gift, turn it off, ignore it, or walk away from it, I could not stop my soul from shining through eventually.

My message is that we each have something inside of us that we are meant to do, to be, or to accomplish. It is different for each of us. It is not always the most popular thing, the most glamorous thing, or the thing that makes us rich or famous. Sometimes it makes us the brunt of jokes, or verbal attacks. Sometimes the "powers" that be will try to silence our souls. Sometimes they will charge enormous fees for licenses to have the ability to do what we are meant to do.

I believe that you can spray paint a parrot black, but eventually his colors will begin to shine through.

Originally, I was not really so enthused about sharing my story in book form. I shared bits and pieces in my classes and to my individual clients, but writing a book seemed to me to be a little daunting. Why? There are a lot of aspects to my story that may not appeal to the larger audience. I live in a rather conservative community! I was afraid of offending people from my past!

What changed my mind?

The first thing that happened was that Jesus came to me, requesting me to write the book! Believe it or not, at first I said no! Yes, you can say no to Jesus! I did! However, he did not take my "no" sitting down. He was relentless!

I also realized that there are probably multitudes of people out there who have something inside of them that they are meant to do, but the challenges seem too great! They don't know how, or they don't know where to start, or they don't think that they have the ability.

I want you to know that you, too, can do that thing that only you can do!

It may or it may not make you a million dollars! It may end up getting you fired, or excommunicated, or maybe your partner will leave you or maybe you will be discredited. I am here to say, do it anyway!
 My wish is that my story will inspire you to do that thing that seems too big, too controversial, or too close to home.

As an incentive to inspire you to act now, I am offering free one card tarot readings for the first ten people to ORDER Journey to Joy.   Your reading will be included with your signed copy of the book, so that you can have the reading to keep and remember.

I believe that You, yes You, have something that only you can do! You are amazing and you may not even know how amazing you truly are! When that realization hits you that you are amazing and only you can do that one thing that you are meant to do, your life will never be the same!

Thank you in advance. Enjoy my story. Be inspired to question everything. Be who you are. You are amazing!

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