Saturday, July 12, 2014

Full Super Moon In Capricorn

I am not an astrologist, but I follow some really great blogs and I do sit with the moon on a regular basis. When I found out this full moon was in Capricorn, I knew that it was significant for me, since I am a Capricorn. Here are a couple of great posts I found that have great information!

What I do know about this moon is that it is in a place in its orbit that is close to the earth, which makes it seem bigger than normal. It's proximity to the earth, however, really helps to magnify its ability to power our intentions and charge our spiritual items that we want to get cleansed.

Here is what I do. I find a place in the yard where the moon is going to shine directly on the items I want charged. I place the items in salt water and place them outside, asking for the power of the moon to cleanse and charge my spiritual items.

Tonight, weather permitting, would be a great night to light a fire and do a full moon celebration!

Since Capricorn is an earth sign, use the power of the earth in your ritual as well. I like the idea of writing down intentions and planting them in a potted plant. As the plant grows, so do your intentions. Don't do this one after the full moon. Doing it between the new and full moon is best, as the  moon is "growing" during this phase. It is okay to do this one if the actual time of the full moon has not yet occurred.

You can think of your own rituals involving the use of "earth". You could dance around a fire pit, really sending your intentions out the bottoms of your feet as you dance! Make sure you dance clockwise in a circle three or nine times (nine being three times three).

Whatever you decide to do, know that the moon is there to power your intentions. Let us be thankful for the Universal Consciousness in every thing that is and know that we are one with the moon, the sun, the stars, and all other things that have consciousness. And know that everything has a form of consciousness.

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