Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Am

As many of you know, I am about to publish my second book. Although I am really excited, on another, possibly subconscious level, I am a a bit apprehensive.

Why? You ask?

Originally the idea for this book was not mine. Here is an excerpt from the book that tells the story:

Running is my passion. Or at least one of them.

I often find that in the exertion of exercise comes clarity and a connection with Spirit that cannot be matched by sitting cross legged inside on a cushion staring at the backs of my eyeballs.

This morning in particular I was greeted by the "caw caw" of the neighborhood crows. With their greeting usually comes a visitation by Spirit, in some form or another.

It didn't take me long to realize that this time it was Jesus who ran beside me.

Despite our years of estrangement, Jesus and I have a somewhat cordial, sometimes still a tumultuous relationship.

"I want you to tell your story," Jesus was pretty straightforward with His request.

I was not immediately on board.

"Oh no", I protested. " I am not about to dig up those old wounds."
"You don't put a bandaid on a bullet hole," Jesus retorted.
"It is time to dig out that bullet and heal the wound. There are others out there who can relate to your story and it will help them heal as well," He continued.

Writing this book was indeed healing for me, but it is also a raw, sometimes fearful thing, to put everything in your soul out there for all to read. Some don't know this Joy that I have become.

There came a time in the process of finishing up the process that I had to decide exactly who I think I am. How can I title a book and put out there this Joy that I am writing about if I am not completely okay with the Joy the book portrays?

I will ask you the same thing: Who are you?

When you begin to see yourself as the person you aspire to be, the person who lives inside that shell of your body, the person who looks back at you when you gaze into a mirror, then life takes on a different hue.

Who do you think you are, and who do you want to be, and is that the same person?

When you realize that before you can be abundant, you have to realize that you ARE abundance incarnated, that is when abundance shows up.

When you realize that you ARE an overcomer, a giant, an amazing soul, an infinite diamond with sparkling facets of light and color, life just shows up. Abundance just shows up. Love just shows up. Our idea of what those things look like and feel like may change. Abundance may no longer mean lots of money. It may mean an abundance of joy, or peace, or love.

Just for today, look in the mirror and say, "I am.." Really there is no need to finish that sentence, but you can if you want. You can say, "I am infinite. I am amazing. I am love. I am abundance."

Maybe then you won't look on the outside of yourself to get some sort of validation. That validation will come from inside.

My website says that I am a Spiritual Life Coach. I am a wedding officiant. I am a psychic medium. I am a shamanic practitioner. Is that who I really am? Deep inside, I am a soul. Living in a body.

Who are you?

If you need some direction, if you need to get some guidance from Spirit relating to who you are in this world at this particular time, please contact me for a personal session. I can do readings or consultations in person, by phone, skype, or email.

Click here to contact me and we will decide exactly what type of session you need.

Blessings to you as you journey this path called life. I hope our paths cross soon!


  1. I am a teacher, a helper, a lover. For my career I help creative souls find their own system of organization and all of those parts of me are needed for that career. But I show up as a helper, a lover, a teacher in every moment of everyday. Sometime I try to be less helpful, but I really can't turn it off. :)

  2. Hi Joy ! It's Eric (from Temple Illuminatus)...
    Glad to see you are busy with your tarot practice and book writings I see !
    I myself have been on a personal journey for the past year (so sorry for not being in touch).
    I'll be following again !
    Look for an interesting story I see in your photo on your "Purchase My Book" link--http://www.whispersofjoy.net/#!purchase-my-book/aboutPage...
    I am interested in why you chose that photo (or where it is from).
    Contact me old friend !--Eric (moonlighttruckertarot@gmail.com)