Sunday, June 9, 2013


June is upon us and with it comes the realization that half of this year is gone!

In January when the year began I remember blogging about having a theme for the year.  Did you connect with Spirit and receive any guidance as to what your theme was for this year? And how are you doing with that? Do you even remember what your theme was?

Universally according to numerology we are in a "six" year. This is a year of relationships. In the tarot this theme is also highlighted in the lovers card, also a six.

This card gives you a feeling of the story of Adam and Eve. The lovers card of the tarot is not primarily the card of lovers, per se, but a card about relationships with one another, relationships to our Higher Guidance, and, of course, about making choices based upon our perceptions of those relationships.

Universally, you may find yourself involved in contemplating relationships in general. The relationship between yourself and someone else, the relationship you have with God or your Higher Guidance system, and, of course, your relationship with yourself. In this card we see that Eve also had somewhat of a relationship with the serpent, depicted many times as the devil, or the tempter, but in reality, the serpent made Eve aware of her choices. Until she was made aware that she in fact had a choice, she was basically living in ignorance. 

 Knowledge is our greatest gift and that which sets us free.

 If we don't know we have a choice, then we will continue to live in ignorance. Does this ring true for you? Have you noticed a theme in play relative to choices regarding relationships this year? Of course we all also have individual themes, based upon our own personal numbers, like our birthdate and other factors, but universally relationships is a big one this year. How are we seeing this playing out in our personal lives?

How is your most important relationship.. the one with yourself?

  I received at the beginning of the year the message that my theme for this year was..

 Embrace your power. 

 I did not understand this theme at first. Power is often misunderstood and misused. Power is not necessarily power over others. I was reminded that our biggest fear is often not that we will fail, but that we will succeed!

We are all powerful beyond measure, and most of us don't even know it!

We have become accustomed to striving for more, working hard to achieve a goal. What if we received the revelation that these things were in fact in our grasp, and the only thing stopping us was  our own fears or lack of knowledge in how to embrace what we already possessed?

This theme is  very close to the theme of the lovers card. Eve learned that the choice was hers. Knowledge was in fact in her grasp. She chose knowledge over blind obedience. Is this blasphemy? I think not. Some say that it was in the Divine Plan all along, for Eve to make the choice she made. In the myth she brought upon the earth the need to strive, the need to work and sow and reap and till the earth to produce a harvest. However, her choice also brought about an understanding. Some say knowledge is the supreme goal of life.  

Once we receive the revelation that we are magnificent and powerful creative beings, there is nothing that can stand in our way!

What things are holding you back? Is there sickness, financial lack, relationship problems? You can become a powerful manifesting expert. The first step is to embrace the magnificent soul that you are and expect great things to happen in your life!

Instead of expecting a fight with your ex over money or children, expect that every interaction will be a pleasant one and that all will benefit. Instead of expecting  your demanding boss to grate on your nerves, expect that every time you interact it will be pleasant and beneficial to everyone. Expect your customers to love your work and be excited to give you money for your expertise! Expect a good report at the doctor. Expect to feel good every morning when you wake up! Yes, there might be natural steps you need to take. You might have to stop needless spending or refrain from eating junk food. You might have to make compromises with your ex or your boss. You might have to work your day off once in a while.

You are a powerful soul who incarnated to make a difference in the world and manifest greatness!

Just for today, think about what brings you joy. This is a powerful clue as to why you are here and what is your theme. As we move into this year's summer solstice, a powerful day for manifesting energy, think about what you would like the rest of this year to bring for you.  Is it more money, more love, or increased health? Or would you like to increase your spiritual significance on the earth? Would you like to feel more fulfilled, more joyful, more energetic?

If you feel like you would like some additional guidance from Spirit relating your your theme, or how to achieve your goals, you can receive additional personalized input by contacting me on my website. I offer personal sessions, by phone, email, or in person, to help you tune in to Spirit and receive guidance and also help with tuning in for yourself and walking in your power. Contact me through my website and set up your session today! Let us not waste another day as we move forward in these powerful times!

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