Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today I wanted to share some thoughts having to do with our expectations and how they color our experiences in life.

I had shared in some recent blogs about my experience in inviting a particular group of Angels into my home for a week and then sending them on to others. In talking with some of those to whom I had sent the Angels, I have had mixed reviews. Some had phenomenal experiences, and some not so much. I was wondering to myself about this, and one of the things that I felt the Angels answered to me was that when They are invited into people's homes, the expectations of each of those to whom they are invited are different. Also, They just told me (as I was writing), the energy field around people is different. They are telling me that yes, expectations have a lot to do with what and how we as humans experience the Divine energies, but also that each person's vibrations are different, and with some, it is almost like they are an open vessel, and some people seem to have like a thick fog around them which makes it difficult to get through. This does not mean that the Angels cannot get through, but each of our experiences of them is different.

Here are some experiences reported: one person felt a huge energy come rushing in the house about an hour after she had invited them in. One person felt a tug on her leg after she had gone to bed. One person said she felt a huge ear to ear grin come across her face at the moment she invited them in. One person whose plate was completely full and she had felt bad that she had not any time to spend with them felt that they said they did not really need to be in her house, that she seemed to be doing okay and if it was okay with her that they would just go on to the next house.

All of these experiences is valid. The picture I am getting from them is like the sun. Their energy is like the energy of the sun. Some days we go outside and the sun is shining and we feel the warmth of the sun and the light that it brings. Some days it is cloudy and rainy or snowy or foggy and even though we do not feel or see the sun, the sun is still there. We know that the sun is there behind the clouds or the fog even though we are not experiencing the sun at the moment. We have the expectation that eventually we will see the sun again.

However, it is different when experiencing the Divine. We don't feel anything and we wonder if there is something wrong with us. Did we do something to piss off the Angels? Do Angels really exist? I can't feel them and I didn't experience anything so maybe they are not real. Maybe I am just making this up in my head. Why did I not experience the same thing as someone else? Do the Angels like so and so better than me? I wonder if Jesus ( or some other Diety or Unseen Helpers) will get mad if I invite Angels in the house?

I wonder if the sun gets mad when it rains and we cannot feel its warmth. I doubt it. The sun shines on. We never wonder if the sun is still shining. We never worry that the sun is mad at us. We never wonder if the sun really exists.

I guess my observation is this. The presence of the Divine is all around us, like the sun. For five days, I invited the Angels into my home for a specific ritual. This does not mean the Angels are gone now. I still feel them around and I will have to say that my connection if anything is more real than it was before I did the ritual. Is there specific power in this specific ritual? I don't think so. I think it was that I put my expectation out there and requested and desired an increased connection. This was one of my specific requests of these Angels. Probably if you do the ritual and you don't expect anything to happen, then the Angels will not disappoint you. You will probably experience nothing. Angels never cross over your free will. But if you invite them in and you desire to feel and experience them, then you will also not be disappointed. You may just feel happier. You may sleep better. You may be less stressed. Don't say, well, that may not have been the Angels. Maybe that was going to happen anyway. There you go with your expectations again. There you go wrapping yourself up in a fog so the Angels cannot get through.

Just for today, ask for  an experience with the Divine, whether you call them Angels, or Helpers, or by some other name. You won't be disappointed.

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