Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Spent a Week With Angels

In my previous blog I talked about a ritual that I did to invite Angels into my home for five days. I have been thinking about the time that I spent with the Angels and I am thinking about some of the messages they gave me. Some were personal for me and some were universal, and I thought I would share some of the ones that could apply to others. Some of the thoughts I will present came after I had sent the ritual to others and, in response to their questions, the Angels gave me insight on a particular question or concern.

In the ritual of which I speak, three requests were to be written out and placed in an envelope on the altar which was specifically prepared for the Angel visitation. This became a bit of a task. What do you ask of Highly Evolved Angels? I felt that my mundane requests were not important enough to bother Angels. I would rather just feel their presence and experience the Divine. So one of my requests became just that.. I would like to be a clear channel so that I hear and feel the Divine in a more profound and palpable way. This request was granted almost immediately. I wrote in my previous blog that I felt the presence of the Angels in such a real way I almost felt that there was no more space in the room. But what about request protocol? This is what the Angels told me.. word for word....

The number one rule for requesting help from the Angels is that the Angels will never interfere with someone else's free will. You cannot ask that someone fall in love with you, for example, nor can you ask that your husband leave you (or worse, die)..

The Angels will never interfere with your soul's purpose or a lesson you are supposed to learn. They will never disempower you. They will never do something for you that you need to do for yourself. They will give you the strength to do what you need to do. You cannot request something of the Angels that would disempower  you or someone else. Don't expect the answer to a request to come knocking at your door requiring no action on your part. You have chosen to incarnate into this lifetime and as such, have preordained that you go through certain experiences. The Angels will not take any preordained experiences away from you, however, they will empower you to get through them or change them. If winning the lottery would not interfere with your soul's purpose or life lessons, it is an acceptable request. However, don't limit the Angels. A better request would be to increase your prosperity or your wealth, then the Angels are not limited to how they bring money to you. One example of cocreating with the Angels is that if you request to win money from the lottery, you are required to buy a lottery ticket. A ticket is unlikely to come flying through the air and land on your doorstep, although it is possible.

Remember that we do not know what is the highest and best for other people. It is always acceptable to request that the highest and best be done for an individual but not that they be healed of cancer, for example,although you may think that the healing is the highest and best.

I have found that when I think about the Angels, I feel their presence. You can always ask to feel their presence. Just say, "I ask to connect with the Highest Angels of Love and Light." You can send them to your work environment, but you cannot ask that they cause your boss to get fired, or something similar. You can ask that the highest and best be done in your work environment, or that you work in an environment that is peaceful or etc. When you do this however, realize that sometimes in order to get the request, some things may happen that could be for awhile uncomfortable for you. When a construction crew decides to put in  a new highway, first the old one has to be destroyed. Don't be surprised if it seems for awhile that a jackhammer is destroying your current road, but know that it is for the purpose of the new road being formed. The Angels told me this specifically.

In the ritual we are asked to send the Angels on to three new willing participants. What if no one agrees to take the Angels in?  (I can't imagine this but I guess most people are skeptical..)  Then just say, " I ask that the Highest Angels of Love and Light be sent where the highest and best can result in the lives of those who are willing to accept them into their lives." Finding specific people of course is beneficial because the whole ritual I believe is designed to help us spend some time connecting with the Divine and cutting out some specific time to spend with Angels. Sit in front of your altar and ask for an experience!! How could we possibly know that a Highly Evolved Angel is in our home and  not desire to connect with them or experience them?!!

I am finding that keeping these messages short enough for a blog is becoming a bit of a task. I will continue in the next few blogs to relay some more messages that they gave me as I continue to reflect on the experience.

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