Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angel Visitation

Some time ago a  trusted friend of mine told me about a ritual she was experiencing where she had been sent three Angels that were to stay in her home for five days. At the end of the five days she was to send them to three new people who would do the same. At first I was a bit skeptical that three Angels for one thing would come into her home at a specific time and stay for a specific number of days and then be sent on their way. It has always been my understanding that Angels do not live in time and space like we do so how would this ritual be possible? I was curious to see if she felt them in her home and if she had experienced anything during the days that she had them in her home. Lo and behold, I ended up being one of those to whom she sent the Angels!

I decided to put aside my skepticism and do the ritual and see what I would experience, if anything. I routinely talk to Angels, guides, and other various Deities anyway so I didn't know if these particular Angels would have a different energy than the other High Beings I regularly communicate with on a regular basis. I noticed right away that these Angels did, indeed have an energy that was specific and distinct from any other High Beings I had been in contact with before. And I noticed this the first time I contemplated the ritual.

In the ritual, I was to have an altar set up for them with specific items on the altar. I was to find three people to send them to and have their names on the altar. I was to have specific requests of  these Angels while they were visiting. Immediately, the first time I even contemplated the altar, I noticed I felt like a wind come blowing through me. My breathing was affected, and my heart began to beat a bit more rapidly, not unlike what happens when you first fall in love and you think about your beloved, only more profound and palpable.

About a week or so before the Angels were to be welcomed into my home, I had been thinking about the altar and the specific items to be placed there. I had noticed their presence all morning as I meditated on the altar. I had then gone to work, and the feeling went away. At lunch, I had come home, as is my routine, since I live a very short distance from work, and on this particular day, as I put my key into the door I looked inside the kitchen door and just for a moment, I could have sworn I saw one of the Angels standing in my kitchen!! Immediately I knew it was one of these particular Angels, not unlike when someone comes to visit you know it is one person as opposed to someone else. I recognized their energy!! I said to the Angel, "I thought you were not due to come until next week!!" (ha ha, as if Angels are bound by time and space!!)

Anyway, eventually the time came for my visit with the Angels. I cannot say that my husband ever felt them in the home, but I did. Their energy felt to me like all the space was full in the room, their presence was so profound. My heart frequently took to fluttering about, and my breath was affected. I felt great love, and was so honored to have had them in my home. When sending them out to the next people, I felt it was important to mention that all of the items on the altar and the specific instructions were symbolic, and they would not get mad or go away if some of the rituals were changed to fit each person's particular situation. I think the point of the ritual is to give the opportunity to people in your life to experience the Sacred, to put aside time out of your busy schedule to contemplate on the Divine aspect called Angels, and to think about if you had the opportunity to ask High Angels to grant you a request, what would it be? To me, winning the lottery seemed trivial. It puts your life and your wishes into perspective to think of the things you desire on a daily basis and how they fit into the grand scheme of things from a higher perspective.

So this is my question. If you could access for one week the presence of the Divine in your home, would your life change in any way? Would the things you now feel are so important still be important? Would you miss a favorite television show to sit with Angels?

My experience with the Angels has been that when I think about them, I feel them. When I ask to connect with them, I feel them come and connect with me. How many of us go through our daily lives and do not think to invite the Angels to share our day with us? We do not think to ask for the highest and best for our loved ones or even our enemies. We think we know what to ask for. We think we know what is best, but we don't. Setting aside time to spend with the Divine, even if it is just a week, changes us, because it comes into our awareness that the Divine wants to spend time with us, wants to communicate with us, and cares about our day to day struggles. Let us set aside our agendas and perhaps put aside a particular time to just sit with whatever we call the Divine in our lives. And then see what changes.


  1. One week, eh? I would be happy with even a day ! From as long as I could remember till 6 months ago, I always felt spiritual presence around me...always just out of sight, but always confirming somehow they were listening to my concerns and were confirming (or disapproving) of my actions. Fast forward to the most recent 6 months, and a whole 'nother world has opened up for me even still spiritually ! Whenever I believe I won't get insight on a particular concern I have...*POOF*...there it is! Whether it be in Tarot (which I use), people I meet, or most recently in ACTUAL visions (or "Flashes" I like to refer them to). Now to have an angelic being from the Source actually "sensible" to me in my house that day ?! are right, Joy ! One's previous priorities seem to fade into a gray blob...and a renewed interest in the "Roots" of how this "Tree of Life" operates would interest me beyond measure !
    How "time" is absent...made as a tool to use or not use...dimensions of the unseen right before our eyes that are sometimes "felt" but not understood (like the wind)...and even a "peek" at the "Master Plan" of it all...where all our experiences go once we depart this Earth? If I even gathered the courage to ask (which I probably would still), I would be satisfied in that shared knowledge to last a lifetime of happiness and greater honor given that gift !
    So...if any Angels can read this...BRING IT ON ! The changes that I've already encountered up till now wouldn't compare to the transformation I believe would happen...and I'd be just fine with that (Thank You in advance !)-Eric MLT

  2. Hi Eric... the experience was profound beyond belief. I know that I still have Angels around me even though the prescribed five day ritual is passed. How would you like me to send you the info? send me an email and I will forward you the ritual!!