Monday, February 11, 2013


This morning in my meditation I kept hearing the word "surrender." I have always felt like surrender was a paradox. We have goals. We do things to achieve these goals. We do vision boards. We do affirmations. We take action to make our dreams come true. And then we have to surrender these goals to the Universe?

Sometimes the things we really want to come to pass always seem just beyond our reach. We are always almost there. There is something that always comes up to cause us to take a step back. Two steps forward one step back. We get a little money saved up and then our car breaks down or some such similar thing. We get into a relationship and then that person finds someone else. You know the scenario. We find our dream home and then the financing falls through or someone else puts a contract down first. That is when we have to come to a place of surrender.

When you have done everything in your power to make a certain thing happen, when you have done your affirmations, when you have taken action, when you have meditated and envisioned it happening and then something happens that seems to be the opposite of what you wanted, it is time to surrender. Yes you have plans. You have goals. But there comes a time when the Universe just wants you to say, okay, this is what I want, but I am willing to lay it down for now. I know the Universe has my best interests at heart. I am just going to go with the flow and allow things to unfold as they will. I know that the best will come to me, and I am going to release my feelings about what that best thing is. It doesn't mean that you are giving up. Just take some time to surrender all you want, all you are to the Universe. Sometimes we don't know what is just around the corner. Sometimes it is all about timing. You can't force a flower to bloom in February. You may see a little sprout of a flower poking its head out of the dirt but you cannot make it bloom. If you go outside and start poking and prodding at that little sprout you will only kill it. Surrender.

Surrender is different from giving up. If you are in a place of surrender you are giving to the Universe all your plans and goals and you are releasing your right for what you want to happen in a certain way.

Think about things that you have wanted to happen that seem just beyond your reach. Just for today, give those goals up to the Universe, the Divine, God, Goddess, and say, okay, I surrender. I know that my best good is there for me, I surrender my thoughts and plans of what that best good is. Today I release control.

And then wait and see what happens.

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