Thursday, January 17, 2013

Channeled Message for the Coming Year

Yesterday I was privileged to channel a High Level Guide who calls herself Diana for a client. I wanted to share some information she gave me that was not personal to the client but held value for all of us.

When asked if there was any information which we, as a collective group of spiritual seekers, would find valuable, she replied that recently the energy field that surrounds the earth indeed changed. She says that now it was easier for the Helping Spirits to get their messages through to those who came to them for answers. She likened it to a game we all played as children (at least those of us over a certain age) whereby we would take two tin cans and run a string between the two. She said that previously it felt to the Guides that they were talking through a tin can of sorts. She said that some of the information they attempted to get through did make it through to us and some information had been lost or misunderstood. It frustrated them to make so many attempts to communicate with us and have us not understand the messages they were trying to get through. However, recently, the veil between the other side and we on the earth had thinned to the point that communication was becoming thinner and so easier for them to get through. More and more messages were being heard and understood correctly. Diana told us that communication with them would become easier and the information more specific now due to this change. Diana reminded me of the Apostle Paul who said in the New Testament, "we all see in part and we prophecy in part." She said we all had filters that we heard our messages through whereby we didn't hear or process information that was too far out from our belief system or comprehension, but that now those roadblocks to our understanding were being torn down.

She also wanted to admonish us to use this year as a year for developing and working on our relationships. Universally this is a "6" year in numerology, which has to do with relationships and home and family. However, Diana wanted to encourage us to also develop our relationships that were outside our family unit, such as our relationship to our community, our relationship with the earth, to the plants and animals, and especially to our Unseen Helpers. A universal "6" year means that collectively we as a human race should be spending time breaking down the walls that divide us. Stop thinking "us" versus "them". Any kind of labels that separate us should be re-evaluated. It is time to stop with the division and instead think inclusively.

Diana said that compared to last year, this was going to be a very good year. I am thinking she was talking about us as a human race, but understand that this was part of a channeled message for a client, so it could be she was talking about this particular client, but she said this before we really got into any personal information. I am thinking she was talking about "us" collectively. Of course, when interpreting a channeled message, we always have to take into account that individually we all have our own separate paths and our own separate life purpose, so any individual experiences we may have take precedent over a generalized message for the majority of us.

Previously while channeling, Diana has come forward to give messages, and I could not say if she is an Angel who calls herself Diana, maybe the Goddess Diana, or just a high level Guide.  When I channel messages, I always ask for the highest available messenger to come forward and only that which will be for the benefit of all who are listening. I know that she is a guide and any more information she did not give me.

The question has been asked of me, "how do you know when you channel that you are not channeling messages from the dark side that are just disguising themselves as angels of light?" There is a field of thought that if you are not of a certain belief system, then you must be from the dark side. I don't hold to this idea. I spent years thinking that every voice that I heard that I could not identify as Jesus or the Holy Spirit was of the "dark" side. I also spent most of those years fighting depression and shame and anger and guilt. It was only when I opened up my heart and mind to the idea that if it is of the "light" it will make you feel good that I was able to expand my ideas of right and wrong to a more inclusive faith, one of love and acceptance. The fact is that if it is of the dark side, why would the message be a positive one that helps us on our paths and makes us feel love and light?

I have written previously that one of my requests of the Angels is that my "channel" be pure and open and that I am able to connect in a greater way with the High Level Unseen Helpers. Whether we call them Angels, or Guides, or Helpers, the label is not important. The important thing is that we take the message seriously and have a hope and expectancy that life is going to be better.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and despite any challenges that we may face, may we face them together as a human race. May we put aside our differences and work together to create a more loving and peaceful planet, one that we can be proud to call home.

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